Thursday, January 3, 2008

Things that I'm Grateful for!!!! - 2008 edition*

I've a lot to be grateful for. (* - Some things that I'm grateful for may be subject to change at my own discretion)

For starters, Family - Immediate and Extended, without whom moving to Canada would've have been a traumatic experience. For my Cousins, close and far; some physically present, others mentally absent!!!

For securing my full Graduated Licence on the 2nd day of 2008. जी हा!!!

For Lynda, who lights up my day and keeps me giddy headed enough to convince me that I still need to impress her with everything that I do. And I believe that I do!! Impress her, that is!!

For Aaliyah and Layla who have been unwitting volunteers for routine testing of my patience and parenting skills.

For my Mother and Father who redefine 'Work Ethic' and who have given me the best that they could afford, topped with copious amounts of Love as well as Patience and Understanding that any set of parents having a Son like me would need.

For my brother who is everything that I'm not. And I am so thankful for that. Two anal people in one family would just not do.

And then there are other things that I'm sort of grateful for -

Lipton Yellow Label - Tea Bags Edition

This potent herb, wielded by the right hands can take you to a whole new level!!! And it does!! We are so thankful for this being available in Canada.


If I must explain this.... then you would not understand. Let's just say that everyone needs one (at least) Fetish!!

Popular Science & Popular Mechanics

I have been reading these magazines since 1976 and maybe even before that, courtesy of my good neighbour Mr. Robert Dango. Later on I picked them up from the second hand store enroute to the bus stop at Shivaji Park. I recall Grandma giving me some pocket change b4 Christmas and Summer for painting her walls in Dadar. All of that went towards the mags. Still great reads.

My Rotel RB991 & RB993

Never has one man loved 2 Amplifiers this much. 1kW of power can do that to weak willed souls!! You see now why there is no upper limit to my fetishes!!!

Parts Express

For having what I want, when I need it!!! Just 2.5 years my dearies and I will personally make the Pilgramage to Dayton Ohio!!!!

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