Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucky Luke - Eurokids

I remember first reading Lucky Luke at my neighbour Mr. Robert Dango's house. Incidentally, U. Bobby is from where I get my moniker - Bob!!!

Lucky Luke, penned by Morris (real name Maurice de Bevere) saw it's best books during the time that it was written by Rene Goscinny. Since Goscinny passed away, Morris collaborated with various other writer and kept the series alive. The series are being currently done by Achde & Gerra. It is said that Achde apprenticed with Morris and was a natural choice to take over the reins following morris' passing in 2001.

Pity that we did not see the same thing done with Herge's Tintin.

Anyhoo these comics have been out of print for the longest time, till British publishing house Cinebook started releasing them from 2006 onwards. Needless to say that I've been collecting them faithfully.

Recently, while checking Wikipedia, I found out that a publishing house in India named Eurokids has just released a 24 set of Lucky Luke. Thankfully these differ from the titles that Cinebooks has released and me wants so badly.

I've set the wheels into motion and thanks to my most wonderful cousin Christabelle, should have them soon enough. Cannot Wait!!!!!!

They are also available as 3 in 1 sets. But honestly - would you pass up on the amazing cover art????

Curb Appeal - Part 3

After an agonizing period of trial and error in getting the levels of the framework, we finally drove over to Rona and got the deck boards. Rona had a 10% off deal on PT lumber till the 28th and we got this done in time. We've only thrown the planks on to determine what needs to be cut and to give the planks some time to dry a bit prior to screwing them in place.

Dad and Mum have gone over to A. Joy's for the remainder of the week as the forecast calls for rain. So I will be taking a break as well.

The boards all laid in place. The funky blue is a mis-tint that I got from the restore for CAD 15 and Dad coated the entire framework including the supports so as to offer additional weatherproofing.

Lynda and I took some chairs out and sat out all evening to get a feel of what an evening out on our front 'porch' would feel like. It feels good!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Curb Appeal - Part 2

I finally got work started on the Front Porch. Dad and I pounded in the two support spikes for the pillars that will hold up the trellis over the main door. We then got started on the base. I was forced to use 2x4s as opposed to the preferred 2x6s due to the existing concrete pad. This 'retrofitting' has opened up a brand new set of problems that I have to work around.

We started by making two separate frames, each 6' x 12'. That makes my porch a whopping 6' x 24'. While the frame just near the main door is supported by the existing concrete pad, the area under the Bay window is free hanging. We had rented a lawn roller and a manual tamper that we used to level the ground and then started using the slate flagstone and concrete blocks that I culled from the sit out the the PO had made at the end of the garden.

And that is the extent of the work that I've done to date. Pictures below.

Post pounded into the ground to accept 4x4 posts

The Frame in place. Big!

Blocks ready to be placed under the frame

Not to do with the porch, but this is where the bricks and flagstones came from. We filled it with the old sod, rolled it flat, put 8 bags of topsoil, sprinkled lawn seed, kept it moist for 7 days and Voila!!! Grass!!!

Gratuitous Fabulousity

I photographed this image this morning while passing through Queenston on the way from Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Methinks it came out well.

Specifications as below
Camera: Canon EOS 10D
Lens: Canon 50 mm fixed focal length
Shutter Speed: 1/90 sec
Aperture: F2.8
Flash: No

Zoom in for a better look!! Feel free to download and use it as your wallpaper or what not!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shed Build Diary - 15 - Let us Shingle Together

Tis was not the old month of May. Nay tis was somewhere between June & July and our voices were joyful but definitely not gay!!!

Dad and I finally finished the shingling of the shed. This was to be done last year, but I was not willing to pay CAD 25.00 per pack when I could've got the same from the ReStore at CAD 10.00. All I needed was patience. This paid off in January when I got 4 packets of shingles for CAD 8.00 per pack. All I needed now was the time and the inclination.

I had to re felt the roof as the old layers were trashed by old man winter. Trying to work around the rain that we had this week was another pain, but we did it and the shed is finally 100% done.

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