Monday, March 13, 2017

National Home Show 2017 Toronto

Just back from attending the National Home Show 2017 at the Enercare center Toronto and came home armed with a suite of great contacts for materials and supplies. Here we share with you some of the highlights of the show and what impressed us the most.

First up was this gorgeous kitchen which was our absolute favorite. The clean lines, flat doors (no handles) and layered islands made this contemporary kitchen really stand out. My favorite was the stainless steel clad island - cleaning is a piece of cake with this! We liked how they combined three islands in different materials, heights and finishes yet kept it looking cohesive. All cabinetry was automatic and we liked that as the flat surfaces devoid of handles just added to the overall look.

National Home Show Toronto

contemporary kitchen

Dhiraj checking out hardware for washrooms, we have 4 projects we are working on right now and we saw some great options here.
bathroom shower
Another fabulous booth was this beautiful space designed by Glen and Jamie of Peloso Alexander Interiors. They combined the Benjamin Moore 'shadow' color of the year so well with the curved velvet furniture. Velvet is so back! Would you believe that marble effect behind the bookshelf below is a wallpaper! yes its a wallpaper. Such a great option when you have a tight budget.
peloso alexander interiors

marble wallpaper


living room in neutrals

neutral bedroom

interior designer
Soapstone sinks. Soapstone counters. Dhiraj was very impressed with this option for future bars he is designing. Its a softer matt material which feels warmer than granite.
soapstone sink

soap stone counters

One of my favorites is cabinet hardware and we spotted some luxurious finishes here. Of course I veer towards gold and champagne tones the most but also spotted some great lucite and jade options too.

drawer pulls

brass drawer pulls
Always on the lookout for vanities and these options here  provided us with many ideas including all the sink options - crystal anyone?!

muti vanities

crystal sink


tiny sink
World's tiniest sink?!
Its always great attending these shows as we come away inspired and recharged for our oncoming projects. Follow us on INSTAGRAM for sneak peeks and behind the scenes footage. Soon to release the Rainpark project finished pics so stay tuned for more!

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Project Dancing Waters - Interior Design & Decor - BIG REVEAL

Excited to share with you the Dancing Waters project where we completed the Full service Interior Design & Decor for our client's new build home in Brampton. This young family had recently moved in with their old furniture which was tired and needed an overhaul. That's where Wilde North came in. After an in-depth interrogation about their styles, preferences, lifestyle and needs we proposed design boards for each room which included the foyer, formal sitting and dining room, breakfast nook, living room and master bedroom. Being a new build we could not paint the walls (due to the one year warranty) so we had to think outside the box with the designs.

So let's take you through the transformations starting with the FOYER. We wanted a very glam look with personal touches as it was the first room you stepped into. Gold and black accents in the furniture and mirror elevated the space, and custom monograms of our client's initials were commissioned to make the space more personal.

CHALLENGE: The tricky thing in the foyer was the light switch that was located smack dab in the middle of the wall. We carefully measured the wall and custom abstract artwork was created to work around the switch and voila - you don't even notice it! 

All custom artwork created by our visual artist student daughter Aaliyah D'Souza.

Interior Designers Brampton Foyer design

Custom artwork in foyer

Foyer design and decor

Next up is the Formal Dining room: our lovely clients met at a coffee shop and as a nod to that we decided to turn the formal dining room into a LOUNGE - a space where they could relax, put their feet up and sip a coffee. The dining furniture was relocated to the breakfast nook thereby keeping the kitchen, dining and family room all in one open plan space. The clients love for the outdoors drove the lake mural choice - staring at that calm serene scene made all your worries fly away. The custom artwork on the oars was another of Aaliyah's creations. Three oars for our three family members. 

CHALLENGE: Having two dining spaces made absolutely no sense so we turned this room into a lounge which is used way more times than a dining room would have been.
Dining room before
BEFORE: Dining Room
coffee room lounge interior
AFTER: Lounge

mural lake

club room

painted oars

new build house

lake mural

Opposite this room was an odd shaped living room with a tiny window - the space had no real purpose. We came up with the design plan to turn the space into a library to show off our client's impressive book collection. Since it flanked the lounge space we kept the colors and finishes cohesive turning two rooms into one. To disguise the tiny window we clad that wall in layers of end-to-end drapes and a pair of gorgeous industrial bookshelves were added to the other wall. Now this odd room is a cozy corner to curl up in with your hot chocolate, a book or just to daydream.
formal sitting room
BEFORE: Formal Sitting Room

home library
AFTER: Home Library

industrial bookshelf

vintage camera

CHALLENGE: A challenge we faced in the LIBRARY was the air return was located on the wall behind the bookshelves. We had designed the space with enclosed wood bookshelves for that harvard library-esque look but had to switch the design to open shelving due to the air return. However the stunning industrial shelving ended up looking just as fabulous.

The client's pre - existing  dining furniture was relocated to the breakfast nook, and with a new chandelier and drapes the space was ready for entertaining. The drapes were kept similar to the ones in the living room making the space feel like one big open plan room.
breakfast nook design
BEFORE: Breakfast Nook

dining room interior design
AFTER: Dining Room

wood dining furniture

The FORMAL LIVING ROOM was in desperate need of an overhaul as their large bulky furniture had taken a beating, the wiring needed tidying up, windows needed layers and so much more. Our clients loved color and we were able to inject that here along with some neutrals. Mounting the drapes high up  on the wall made the windows seem larger than they were and gave the already tall room more height.

A stunning chandelier, oversized artwork and chrome accents turned this into a contemporary stylish space to entertain in.
family room

interior design wilde north

wilde north

interior decorate

sitting room decor

Last up is the MASTER BEDROOM that had large bulky wood furniture and lacked soft furnishings. We wanted to create a spa like space with calm ocean colors to allow our busy clients to unwind and relax. Once we were done with the room our client's little 5 yr old said she felt like she was in a 5 star hotel. Our job was done!
master bedroom

ocean colors

neutral bedroom

teal cushions

neutral bedroom
Head over to our website to see more pics of this amazing transformation. What made this job even better was that our clients were super fun to work with and open to new ideas. We have a number of projects on going right now and you can follow us on INSTAGRAM for sneak peeks.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of Project Rainpark Basement which should be up soon.  Excited for the big reveal. 


Big Hugs
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