Tuesday, March 27, 2007

As it was in the Beginning.... Is not how it is in the end!!!!!

You know what they say about a Picture being worth a Thousand words........

That's All Jack!!!!!!!

This picture cannot begin to describe the transformation from what was a piece of furniture destined for the scrap heap to what now takes pride of place in my home.

Still very much a 'Work in Progress', I am yet to complete the 'swing out' faucet that would have been used by priests to wash their hands prior to going to the Altar to celebrate the Mass.

I trolled the Manama market to get the cup handles and vinod scavenged the smaller handles for me.

It looks rather impressive.

Memories of the customs officers at Mina Salman post laughing at my 'imports' come to mind right now.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Piano Stool Project

This just in from a shop whose name that I have forgotten. Run by a Pakistani in Adliya, this is a quaint little shop that needs visiting once in a month to see whats new (or rather, old)

I have wanted a Piano Stool for Lynda & Aaliyah ever since they lost the ability to return the dining chairs back to their original place.

Paid BHD 15.000 for it but it needs to be redone. So tomorrow I take it down to Vinod & gang for some stiffening of the joints and a few minor repairs. After that into the spray booth for a semi-gloss finish in black to match the Casio.

The top of the stool is to be taken to Ahmed Sharif for refinishing in a B&W print to sort of match the chosen palette. Look out for pics in the near future. This one should get completed fast!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Buy this CD!!!!!!

Lynda and I have always been Daughtry fans, especially since he had refused to compromise on American Idol. We were both shocked and saddened by what we felt to be his very early exit from the show. I harbour a Conspiracy Theory that it was Chris himself through his fans that orchestrated his exit in order to save himself from the drivel that the American Idol songwriters turn out for the winners. I believe that Lynda may have shed tears at his sudden exit, but we will not go into that here.

This album was the best seller since it came out, a feat that no AI participant has achieved with the exception of Carrie Underwood. He is still #6 on Amazon's Best Seller list.

This is a great album and though you can download badly converted songs from Limewire and Kazaa, This guy deserves your money. God knows - He's earned it.

Track 3 - Home - Spectacular track!!!!

National Day - British School of Bahrain

Today was National Day at the BSBh. Aaliyah had been waiting for this day for weeks, planning her outfit, changing her mind, selecting the accessories...... So today Lynda and I dropped them off to school in Solidarityesque fashion dressed up in Indian gear as well.

The school was a riot of colour!!! Most of the kids there were dressed up in their national costumes. Those that I recognised - Indian/Pakistan, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Arab, Dutch (clogs), German/Swiss/Austrian (Lederhosen). It was all so nice.

Some were plain confused about what their National costumes were. Soccer uniforms anyone??? Cowboys???

This is one of times that I'm prouder than most that I am Indian and that we have such a strong heritage and culture to delve into. We don't just have A National Dress, we have so many!!!!! especially if you're a girl!!!!

Of course to Aaliyah this is just another day of fun at school and would probably not see things as cynically as I do.

It really is so amazing to be a child!!!! Hope they remain that way for a longer time.......

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Watch this Space!!! Lavabo Repair Diary

My last incomplete project finally takes shape. This is a very very early 20th Century piece of furniture that used to stand in the Vestry and was used by priests when ablution was still practiced. This was of course before running water became commonplace.

This was salvaged from Mt. Mary's Basilica by U. Hayley.

So much work has gone into resurrecting this very rare and unique piece of history. The base had rotted away due to water damage, the bottom doors had to be partially rebuilt, the doors at the top had to be repaired. The reservoir, collector and collector funnel had to be rebuilt out of stainless steel. I'm not sure if I will ever fill water in the system, but I got the wetted parts made anyways.

I still need to source some hardware for this and will target ACE hardware on my next Dubai run.

This is now being lacquered and should be completed before we go down to Mumbai. I want to carry pictures of this to U.H. as a thank you for the salvage effort.

This is very much on the way to becoming a family heirloom!!!!

The Curiously Strong Foot Mouse!!!

Lynda bought this Altoids Tin on account of the packing. As a true geek I realised that this had no place in her purse and set upon it to convert it for my mouse.

I used my diamond (yes you did read that right) files to get the cutout just right for the USB port.

All Hail to the God of the Day!!!!

My brother, the very handsome Dinesh D'Souza has jumped on to the blogwagon.

Visit him at www.rigger-dinesh.blogspot.com

In the picture in his third post he is seated fourth from the right.

Dinesh is a year older to me and essentially walked out with all the height and good looks that my mother had to offer!!! I on the other hand seeing that those two were gone, filled my pockets with charm, intelligence, innovation, rhythm,wit & wisdom!!!!!

But he's my brother and we all love him!!!!!

From the _____ of Babes - Part IV

So Aaliyah came home the other day (so long ago) and tried to explain to us about Lent.
She informed us that we were all to give up something for the next 40 days as a sacrifice.

Lynda said that she would give up Chocolate
I said that I would not scold them for the next 40 days (that only lasted for two)
And Layla....

..... said that she would give up Farting..... and then she lets a loud one rip!!!!!!!!!!!!1

No one can clear a room faster than Layla.
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