Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Days 1 through 5 - Amsterdam in Pictures

I've just been informed by Lynda and Belle that my numbering system is skewed!!! Apparently I had not counted the day that we arrived, so we're actually on day 5 - 3 more to go!!!!

Unloading all the spare change from Lynda's voyages at Schipol

Blogging from the Coffee Shop at the Moevenpick whilst waiting for our room

Layla feeding the pigeons at Dam Square

Belle & Aaliyah at the HeinyExpy

Asleep (or trying) at the Museumplein

Layla feeding the ducks at the Vondelpark

Lynda and the girls in from of a DHL TukTuk

Day 4 - Amsterdamn this is a long holiday!!!

Today was mostly walkies. We took in the 9 Streets. It was cold and Aaliyah had not dressed herself suitably. So enroute to a shopping area we chanced upon a Vintage clothing store where we (the girls and I) all got ourselves Jean Jackets for 40 Euros total.

We had a nice sit down lunch this afternoon in stark contrast to other lunches which were mostly mobile.

Then mostly walking through the shopping areas where the girls vanished through stacks of clothes and I took off for a vintage map store across the street. Did not find anything that I liked but I did not spend too much time there. Turns out the girls were not exactly waiting for me.

Lynda scored herself a pair of Cowboy boots at 50 Euros. Really nice buy. I wanted one as well, but explain this to me - How come Ladies boots on Sale start at 40 EUR and Men's boots on Sale start at 150 EUR???

I believe that men will get the better deal in heaven!!!!

Day 3 - Amsterdam

Did so much yesterday. We took the tram to the Rijkmuseum. We had to make a changeover of trams. It was pouring and we were just across from the Old Heineken Brewery. We made a snap decision to take in the Heiniken Experience in honour of all the Alco's in my life, namely Dinesh, Shane & Marc. The experience was really neat and there were 3 beers per person included in the entry fee. Sorry guys, but at the end of the tour, we returned 4 unused tokens!!!!!!

By the time the Heinyexpy was over, the rain had stopped and we walked over to the Reijkmuseum. The stuff was really neat and Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' is etched in my mind's eye forever.

From the Reijkmuseum, we stopped at the Museumplein for Sandwiches and Ice Cream. I fell asleep by the water and the girls dipped their legs in the water.

Then on to the Van Gogh Museum. Now I know that Vincent's works are to die for, but Lynda does paint better!!! So!!! Vincent apparently shot himself at age 37. Me thinks he finally corrected his vision and saw his paintings!!!!!

From there we took the tram to Albert Heijn supermarket, where we picked up wines breezers and other acroutments for dinner.

The sky was really overcast by the time we got to the hotel and we were treated to a downpour the likes we would only see in India. It was great!!!!
Slept early as we were all knackered!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 3 - Amsterdam

Belle awoke earlier than us this morning - Had breakfast early and set out for NEMO, the science exhibition just a stone's throw from the Movenpick.

After that we set off for the Spui area where there was to be a Sunday Artist Market. Enroute we passed some nice streets with even better houses and chanced upon the Sunday Flea Market at Nieuwmarkt. Picked up some excellent LP's at a Euro each.

Finally found the Spui and the Art Market.

For dinner we packed up some sausages, cheese and wine and sat at the dock.

The sun sets at 10.10 - Nice.

Wish everyone could be here - Amsterdam is tolerant - No one judges you for what you are or what life choices you've made.

Amsterdam still remains our no. 1 city to visit.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 2 - Amsterdam

Very tiring - We ended up setting up a small refugee camp in the Coffee Shop. Amhed, the bartender was very understanding and he plyed us with tea, chips and juices. We finally got into the room by 11 and I could take a warm shower.

Belle's plane was late taking off and therefore late coming in!!! We finally got out at 4. The city was crowded but quite an eyeful with OMGWWSW, DSDITD, PDA & WTFWT.
Translation (Oh My God What Was She Wearing, Did She Dress in the Dark, Public Display of Affection & What the F**k Was That)

Anyways, Aaliyah was a bit unwell and lynda returned home early. She had a mild fever attributed to an extremely busy Thursday with no sleep or rest. She's better now.

Today we hit some of the sales in the market and also take a Canal cruise. By evening we try to get ourselves to the Vondelpark.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th - Amsterdam

Day 1 - Movenpick Amsterdam

Just arrived at the hotel. Requested an early check in and we have to wait a couple of hours b4 they get the room ready.

The train ride from the airport was nice. It's so great to see all the greenery around. The movenpick is a stone's throw from the City Centre. We wait for our room, dump our stuff, wait for Belle, nap and then hit the Town with a vengeance.

More updates to follow.

We're West baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

And Talking about 'Pace'!!!!

Our lead packer is named 'Momentum'

enough said!!!

And so it Starts.....

A month ago we set a ball in motion that is now rolling at an incredible pace.

I along with Lynda resigned our posts and set about the process to finally immigrate to YYZ. The decision was not easy, as I believe most are not!

We're at D-7 and counting....

The packers are in today and are in the process of decimating what took 2.5 years to put together. Our house was always WIP and if we stayed here for another 5, the work would still not be complete.

We are now entrusting the contents of our lives to a group of packers and I have to watch like a hawk to ensure that all goes well. At some time this month, the very things that have defined us, will be in a 40' container, one of thousands, on a vessel, most probably repaired by Goltens, manned by cadets and the like waiting for the next port of call to get their rocks off, engineered by a clueless Chief Engineer and piloted by a half-drunk Captain.

And yet I'm confident that all will be well.

Faith is a funny thing. It's gotten us this far in life with the very best of experiences, acquaintances, friends and of course family. I'm a lucky guy. Hey - I've got a gap between my front teeth to prove it. The other gap, I've been told, is between my ears.

And so, my friends, it starts....

Captain's log. Star Date 5th July, 2007 - Bahrain - Earth
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