Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Interior Design Show Toronto 2015


This is Lynda here, guest blogging for Wilde North on the Interior Design Show 2015 Dhiraj and I attended yesterday.
The IDS15 was a great venue for us to meet new vendors, suppliers and just browse new products. Being a Sunday I thought it would be crowded but it wasn't and that gave us time to chat with some of the talented artisans at the Pop Up market and other booths.

Have you seen anyone get excited over LINEAR DRAINS ? I did ! Dhiraj just lit up when we got to that booth. Linear drains are very versatile, they allow the use of large format tiles as opposed to the traditional mosaic tiles. This allows the same tile to be used on the floors and minimizes grout lines. They also allow for curb free or accessible showers. With an ageing population, this is becoming more important.

I was more into the Decor items, wall paper (which is so in right now), tiles and carpets. Some of my favorite booths were the Beautitone booth with the multiple horse heads and the Urban Barn booth that had some sexy furniture & Accessories. 

Beautitone paint stocked at Home Hardware

Urban Barn
They got it so right with the upholstered coffee table and tray vignette.

I spent quite a bit of time at the Art Gallery booths with Daniel Hughes's work of Impressionist Portraits leaving me in awe. His use of muted colors and modulated brushstrokes is a style of painting that I have always favored.

Daniel Hughes
 We got to view the new IKEA Kitchen which has been totally redesigned. Notable changes are the cabinet sizes which allow for custom combinations and the drawer units which allow for evenly spaced drawers top to bottom. Cannot wait till it hits shelves on Feb 02, 2015. As you know we don't use IKEA cabinets for kitchens only, we've used them to build out workstations as well as this custom / media toy storage unit.

Always loved these vintage inspired handles

These tiles ! They had me floored ! wink ! 

I definitely have a weak spot for Industrial lighting

We even got to see Marilyn Denis and Lynda Reeves doing a Q&A up on stage - that was a treat. I think we just missed Suzanne Dimma editor at House & Home magazine.

Some of the booths were uber chic like the Montauk Sofa booth which was covered top to bottom in plaid. And the super large swing installation for kids and adults - I absolutely loved this.

I am a simple girl and this is definitely my idea of Date Night with the husband, just the two of us and good design.


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Monday, January 5, 2015

Fenwick Basement Build - Preliminary Pictures

Just started prep work on a new basement build in Mississauga. This is a town house with approximately 500 sq ft. of unfinished space. As part of the build, we relocated the laundry area to an alcove near the stairs. We had to put in a new floor drain and drains for the washing machine and the laundry sink as they are on opposite walls. The old blanket insulation was removed and disposed off prior to the photos being taken.

This is the main wall and the wall that the TV will be mounted on. I have to come up with a creative solution to hide the Main Panel.

New floor drain and pipes for the Washer. The sink will be at the side of the stairs.

Stairs and landing coming into the basement. 

The existing laundry pair. This will become the kitchenette area.

 The main wall again.

Existing laundry and furnace area.

Another view of the existing laundry area. This will become a future Kitchenette.

 I had to bring down the old sofas from the living room. Good thing I did it now as I had to remove part of the stairwell. The only way they're ever going up again is is pieces......

I am going to try out something new here. Stay tuned


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