Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mississauga Basement Build - Final Pictures

I finally went in with my T3i and got better pictures of the finished product. The ones from my phone did not look so great once enlarged. The lens on this is the one that came with the camera. A 18-55 'kit' lens not really made for architecture, which is obviously evident by the curved walls. I assure you.. my walls were built straight, plumb and level.

This is looking from the far end of the basement. The stairs are to the left. To angled projection was made to disguise one of the steel columns that support the upper two levels.

The door to the right of the projection leads to what is a spare room built as a storage room or prep room during parties. During the build, the customer opted to upgrade the baseboard to 5" high ones.

Not much to say here. The room is a standard size. 10' x 10' me thinks.

A built in closet measuring 5' x 80" with mirrored sliding doors.

I built in closet organisation with shelves to the left and hanging and a shelf to the right.

This is what I did with that projection. A pass through niche with casing to match the existing casing on all of the doors. A low voltage halogen puck light controls the ambiance. The 'sculpture' is a piece of birch that I selected and harvested from my birch tree. The base was cut from a 2x8 and chamfered 15 degrees on all sides and the spike is a gutter nail.

This is looking straight down from the stairs and into the furnace area. The client wanted these door to be different. Double doors were installed to accommodate the temporary housing of the treadmill during parties.

This is another closet that was built to house shoes and linen. While it may not seem like the greatest idea to store linen and shoes together, this configuration is two discrete spaces unified by a common sliding door. No animals were harmed in creating this space. That is a 'faux' carpet.

Shoes to the left. Linens to the right.

The main area is L shaped. This is kept unfurnished for dancing etc.

Looking at the main area from the TV area. The Treadmill will be a constant feature on account that the children are runners and this allows wintertime training.

The viewing area. I bumped out the wall to accommodate an area for receiver and other electronics. This allowed all of the cabling to be invisible. A 'mantle' was built to emulate a fireplace. Split faced travertine was installed to give that stacked stone effect. 

A sectional on the other end of the room makes for relaxed viewing.

View of the TV from the Treadmill. The TV can be pulled out and swivelled to face the treadmill.

In the original plan for the basement, I was to only provide a rough in for the bar plumbing. I had promised the client a feature wall for the Bar are at the onset. I achieved this by harvesting boards from used pallets and nailing them to the walls in a random pattern.

After much deliberation, the client left it in my hands to build something to match the space. I've covered the build in a separate post.

I've been a proponent of LED's since the early nineties, being an early adopter of some of the earlier failures as well. I really wanted to work in the new RGB strips and I think i did it to great effect.

Both upper and lower cabinets were custom built in situ.

A hammered copper sink was chosen for the project along with an oil rubbed bronze faucet. These were ordered from the United States.

I installed pegs at an angle, glued and pinned them in place to support wine bottles.

On both sides!!! Oenophiles take note of that ever so important incline to keep the cork well hydrated!!! Though with the prevalence of screw tops, this might not be so important......

The niche into which the customer chose to display her collection of decanters

The bar rail is Oak and was by far, the most expensive piece of the entire unit. The bar top is tiled with travertine subway tiles.

The business end of the bar has three discrete sections that flare inwards on account of the design. On the left is a bar fridge and a wine cooler

The devil is in the details. I spent an hour cutting and dry fitting 8 tiles just to get the design right.

Finally a little whimsy. I identified this board with the manufacturers stamp branded into the board. I kept it aside and installed it in a place of prominence

Custom built doors were installed on the entire unit. The grille or jali is stamped MDF

Close up.

The washroom is small, but houses a 32 x 60 glassed in stand up shower and shower bench. The mirror was provided by the client.

Shower stall

Shower niche

Shower seat


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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mississauga Basement Build - Raising the Bar

The drywall is taped and the joints are mudded and sanded. The paint went on with the electrical and finally the floor was laid. The initial plan was to have just the wet bar rough in and store bought cabinets installed on the wall.

But.... that well defined bulkhead and my infallible hubris demanded a custom solution......

I started off with measuring off the bulkhead and designing around those dimensions. We had decided to incorporate a Bar Rail that would impart a more professional look and would allow the guests to rest comfortably against the bar.
I built the bar with three discrete units that I bolted together. The carcasses are made from 3/4 ply and stand on adjustable kitchen legs. This allowed me to level the entire unit over the uneven basement floor.
Another view from the front. I bolted the raised platform over the three joined units and then dropped the counter top over the top 

I then tiled both surfaces with an intermediate waterproofing layer. Since we needed limited quantities of tiles, I sourced all tiles from the ReStore
Next I clad the front face with plywood and drywall and installed split faced travertine tiles. This was owner supplied

The upper and lower cabinets were made from 3/4 Pine and 3/4 Plywood respectively. The doors were handmade and the grille in 1/8  MDF that I carried across from New York.

Rails and Stiles for the doors cut, and ready to be assembled
Doors all assembled and glued and nailed together


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