Monday, April 7, 2014

Mississauga Basement Build - Raising the Bar

The drywall is taped and the joints are mudded and sanded. The paint went on with the electrical and finally the floor was laid. The initial plan was to have just the wet bar rough in and store bought cabinets installed on the wall.

But.... that well defined bulkhead and my infallible hubris demanded a custom solution......

I started off with measuring off the bulkhead and designing around those dimensions. We had decided to incorporate a Bar Rail that would impart a more professional look and would allow the guests to rest comfortably against the bar.
I built the bar with three discrete units that I bolted together. The carcasses are made from 3/4 ply and stand on adjustable kitchen legs. This allowed me to level the entire unit over the uneven basement floor.
Another view from the front. I bolted the raised platform over the three joined units and then dropped the counter top over the top 

I then tiled both surfaces with an intermediate waterproofing layer. Since we needed limited quantities of tiles, I sourced all tiles from the ReStore
Next I clad the front face with plywood and drywall and installed split faced travertine tiles. This was owner supplied

The upper and lower cabinets were made from 3/4 Pine and 3/4 Plywood respectively. The doors were handmade and the grille in 1/8  MDF that I carried across from New York.

Rails and Stiles for the doors cut, and ready to be assembled
Doors all assembled and glued and nailed together


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