Thursday, April 28, 2016

Project Jeffcoat - Etobicoke Basement Teardown

Earlier this month we started work on a basement in Etobicoke that had been untouched since the current owners bought the place 16 years ago. Since that time, it was their dream to one day tear open the complete basement and rebuild it to suit their needs.
Project Jeffcoat - Circa January 2016
That dream became a harsh reality on the 11th when our crew walked in and started tearing the place apart. To say that it all went smoothly would be a lie. But Kurt, Craig & George rallied together and made a seemingly impossible task a whole load of fun.

 George hard at work

 A rare picture of three men at work

 Craig, simply ecstatic to be part of this team

George navigating the wash room tear out without any major issues

The space was originally disproportionally divided into a Living area, Kitchen, Wash room, Bedroom and Utility Room. Craig and George attacked the kitchen and Kurt and I took on the Living area and Utility Room.

 Looking into the Living Room

 The Kitchen, with it's illegally done Gas work

The washroom featuring a weirdly placed stack and no venting of the fixtures

Shower pan featuring leaking walls.....

The owner had recently upgraded the gas furnace and installed a tankless water heater

Looking towards the stairs

To say that we did not find any surprises would be lie. We found water under the subfloor, hidden junction boxes and improper electrical

 Hidden Junction boxes are a no no as per the Ontario Building Code. The following were all hidden behind the ceiling

 Junction Box with another set of connections

This had to be the most bizarre means of getting a wire across

And finally, a found badge, convincing us that the basement was indeed special!!!!

Stay tuned for more blog posts from Project Jeffcoat.

See the other Basements we have completed HERE. And give us a shout if you are thinking of renovating your spaces. We would love to work wtih you to transform your house into a beautiful home.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Color Consultation for Brampton Beauty Salon

brampton salon
Last month we completed the Color Consultation for the Indo Canada Beauty Salon in Brampton. This branch was expanding their premises and wanted to change up the interior colors. Since the space was a long rectangular room we went with a two color combination. A darker grey was chosen for the walls facing east/west and a lighter warmer grey was chosen for the north/south walls. Going a darker color on the shorter walls reduced the visual length of the room thereby widening the space. With several pre-existing stations in burgundy and black we picked colors that would compliment everything already in place. After the painting was completed the salon looked very professional yet inviting when you step in. We are so chuffed to be helping our local community with design!

beauty salon

beauty salon


color consultation

brampton spa

color consult

Picking a warm or cool color can make all the difference in turning your space into a cozy and inviting room. At the Fenwick residence we picked a beautiful robins egg blue for our client's living room as we wanted to give her a calm spa-like space to come home to. She works crazy shifts and we wanted her to have a space where she can unwind after her long working hours. At the Cloverdale Residence where we remodeled their powder room we put the color on the ceiling.........a pretty pop of color in an unexpected space.

With 4 years of studying Classical Art and 10 years of oil painting I can work with you to narrow down the right color for you and your home. Check out the other design services on our site or give us a call should you need help with your next paint job.

We have a Summer promotion for the month of June when you book a Colour Consultation with us. You will get one gallon of Benjamin Moore paint for FREE on booking today! Check out more details here.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Project Scenic Lane - Home Wet Bar

Just completed a weekend job in Toronto where we  did the back splash tiling and two custom built shelves with LED strip lighting on the top and underneath. The curved matte tile interacts perfectly with the LEDs giving it a modern feel. The hardware is all matte gold from Gingers and the faucet is from Delta's Vero series in Champage Gold. 

Remember back when we had visited several tile shops hunting for the perfect tiles for 3 of our gigs, well this was one of the tiles we spotted then and liked it very much. And our client liked it too. Since this is a walk up bar (and not a kitchen) having a funky tile makes the space look less like a kitchen and more like a Home Wet Bar, adding just that right amount of drama to impress your guests.

Mosaic tiles are so done baby! There are millions of choices out there and choosing a patterned or cement tile will make your space oh so special. You can see here some of the unique tiles we spotted during our hunts that will have your space looking pretty special.

home wet bar

wet bar

home wet bar

If you are looking for help picking out tiles for either your kitchen, washroom or home bar then give us a shout. We would love to work with you to make your whole space come together by sourcing matching finishes for all surfaces.

See the other Custom Bars designed and built by Dhiraj HERE.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 National Home Show Toronto - Canada Blooms

At the National Home Show Toronto a whole section was created by Canada Blooms, the largest flower and garden festival in the country, celebrating the very best in Canadian gardening and floral design. It was single digits outdoors but these flowers were acting like it was the middle of summer......fooled me alright! But breathtaking in every way.............
This vignette with Ranunculus was so pretty with the over sized jars and moss cover. 
Loved the tall beaker-esque vases....very Breaking Bad ! 

I bet my Mother in law would be able to name each plant, she is a wonderful gardener and has a beautiful garden back home in Bombay

So many different varieties in this plot, such a pity that I didn't know most of the names :(

Cozy dining vignettes for an outdoor setting, and a chandelier is such an unexpected touch

An outdoor fireplace is perfect for relaxing in front of on those chilly evenings

A waterfall in a piano with a cute elf watching...............this installation was beautifully created

Aaliyah went nuts over this concept

Beautiful orchids in tubes hanging from this tree

Tempted to turn our backyard into a Japanese themed oasis after seeing this, its a 60 ft long space behind our home and I am stumped for ideas. 

Look at this cello. Now look at ! Who remembers that Ad that went viral.

This creation by far was the best..........succulents are my favorite and they covered this entire mannequin in them with a giant one on the head forming a crown of sorts.

I came to Canada a very non-gardening type of person, had no clue about plants but have changed in the last year or so, thanks to my Aunt Aynette Fernandes who insisted I learn their names and gave me the confidence to try things on my own.  I have attempted some gardening and am actually looking forward to getting started on my little front patch once warmer temps hit.

The National Home Show did not disappoint and we wished we could have spent more time there with the Canada Blooms exhibition  being the high point of the show...........nature is truly Art by the greatest creator ever.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Berryman Residence Interior Design & Decorate Video

Here is the video we shot of the Berryman Residence in Mississauga where we did the Full Service Interior Design & Decorate. It is a sweet and short video capturing the rooms and the custom artwork we created for each room.

Below is a visual on the empty spaces before the makeover. The new build was a beautifully appointed house coffered ceiling, high windows and hardwood floors. Taking the features and designing the space around them is what we do best.

And here is the short & sweet video:

You can see the entire gallery here on the website and the before pics here.

If you are struggling to pick paint colors or the perfect rug, then check out our Interior Design & Decor packages which will simplify your decor dilemmas. We would love to help you with making your home an elegant and comfortable space for you.


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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Interior Design & Decorate for Berryman Project

We are excited to share the pics of the finished Berryman Project in Mississauga where we completed the Full Service Interior Design & Decorate for the Main Level which included the formal Living Room, Dining Area, TV lounge and Home Office. Our clients moved in without any furniture and wanted us to decorate from scratch. You can see the before pics HERE.

This being a new build we had to work with the freshly painted almond paint color in all rooms. Using that as a starting point we chose a calm and elegant palette of linen, blue and white for the formal Living Room. Since this space will be used mainly for entertaining it was kept very sophisticated with the modern wing back chairs and roll top tufted couch. The blue adds that pop of color through that exquisite rug and silk drapes, and we added a mix of metals through the accessories.

The black and white custom photography tells a story about each of the family members hobbies. Such a talented group of individuals. We framed the macro enlargements in shadow box frames elevating them to museum grade art and grouped them together in a square matrix to balance the fireplace trim.

Since the dining area was adjacent to the living room we carried the palette into this area too, making the large room look unified. Another great chandelier was added here too to bring the wow factor to the space.

Our clients are movie buffs and the TV lounge was designed to be a cozy and comfortable space for them to hang in. A palette of grey, pink and cream were used to bring the space together. Those gorgeous swivel chairs allow the viewers to watch TV and swing around to have a conversation with others in the room.

We used a combination of stripes, plaid, gingham and florals to bring a mix of pattern and texture to the room. 

Custom artwork in watercolors on cold pressed paper was created by Aaliyah and myself to carry the design on the rug upwards on the walls.

The client's Home Office used primarily by the lady of the house was kept light and bright with a palette of white and coral and a minimalist look.

We absolutely enjoyed designing & decorating this beautifully appointed home and working with clients that give you creative freedom is just the best job ever.

Hop on over to our website to see the other Interior Decorating projects we have completed. And while you are there don't forget to subscribe to our website to be the first to see new reveals and makeovers.

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