Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 National Home Show Toronto - Canada Blooms

At the National Home Show Toronto a whole section was created by Canada Blooms, the largest flower and garden festival in the country, celebrating the very best in Canadian gardening and floral design. It was single digits outdoors but these flowers were acting like it was the middle of summer......fooled me alright! But breathtaking in every way.............
This vignette with Ranunculus was so pretty with the over sized jars and moss cover. 
Loved the tall beaker-esque vases....very Breaking Bad ! 

I bet my Mother in law would be able to name each plant, she is a wonderful gardener and has a beautiful garden back home in Bombay

So many different varieties in this plot, such a pity that I didn't know most of the names :(

Cozy dining vignettes for an outdoor setting, and a chandelier is such an unexpected touch

An outdoor fireplace is perfect for relaxing in front of on those chilly evenings

A waterfall in a piano with a cute elf watching...............this installation was beautifully created

Aaliyah went nuts over this concept

Beautiful orchids in tubes hanging from this tree

Tempted to turn our backyard into a Japanese themed oasis after seeing this, its a 60 ft long space behind our home and I am stumped for ideas. 

Look at this cello. Now look at ! Who remembers that Ad that went viral.

This creation by far was the best..........succulents are my favorite and they covered this entire mannequin in them with a giant one on the head forming a crown of sorts.

I came to Canada a very non-gardening type of person, had no clue about plants but have changed in the last year or so, thanks to my Aunt Aynette Fernandes who insisted I learn their names and gave me the confidence to try things on my own.  I have attempted some gardening and am actually looking forward to getting started on my little front patch once warmer temps hit.

The National Home Show did not disappoint and we wished we could have spent more time there with the Canada Blooms exhibition  being the high point of the show...........nature is truly Art by the greatest creator ever.

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