Saturday, August 15, 2015

Our Summer Oasis

With D spending the last few weekends working on the side yard we have finally completed it and are enjoying every minute of it. Living in this house for 8 years we hardly used the space as it was fugly with a narrow rose bed running against the wall, one "walking dead" tree taking up the whole corner, an ugly concrete step and a gravel bed for no apparent reason.

In the early spring we said our final farewells to the tree and hacked what was left of it to the ground. We then moved the two lonely rose bushes to the back garden where we expected them to thrive and bloom in the sunlight. News flash - They did not. They died.

When it came to improving the space we came up with a custom seating solution with a wall to give us privacy from the neighbors and hide a boring brick wall. After that was built D then built a platform to cover up the concrete step as well as the gravel bed, with the same wood to tie the spaces in. The grey cabinet with sink and custom gate/fence was built in 2008.

We then decorated the wall with these gorgeous buffalo horns that we picked up last month at Brimfield. The majlis cushions were one of our Dubai purchases and they worked perfectly in this space. I threw a lot of rugs and cushions around to soften up the space. The Charmglow Bar cart was a perfect fit in the corner along with my faux fiddle fig tree garage sale find. Lastly I added the Navajo rug which was another Brimfield find.

We now use this space all day and all night. We light up the fire pit and watch the stars after dinner. Our own little piece of heaven.................



This little corner was specifically created as a 'Reading nook' for our bookworm Aaliyah.

See more pics here the DIY before and after pics of this Vintage Bar Car that once was a 1970s Charmglow Master Chef BBQ

And then we added vintage filament lights ! sighhhhhhhhhhh

There you have it.............our summer haven.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

From BBQ to Bar Cart

Our dear neighbour Pauline passed away last year and while clearing out her home, this vintage bbq was being thrown out. We saw it and saved it from the scrap metal dealers that roam the streets on garbage day. The beautiful iron work of the lower section was eye catching and we thought it would make a great outdoor bar cart. 

We took off the rusted bbq trays and sanded the whole thing down. The girls spray painted it with 'Whipped Apricot' and D built a rustic tray for the top. It now sits in our outdoor side yard just waiting for the next partay ! 

Sometimes you need to look right through the past to see the future.............



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