Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poetry in Blumotion

I discovered that the hinges on the IKEA kitchen units were actually 'Julius Blum' and googled the options available for the same. Found out that I could put dampers on them to slow down the motion of the door when slammed. The Depot wanted CAD 7.00 per piece. After a little homework, I found out that Lee Valley was selling the very same units for half the price. Avi was kind enough to pick them up for me from Lee Valley en route to Eva's place and this is how they function. Please note that the lady in the video does not stay with us or ever visited our house!!!! This video was culled from the Internet

Monday, February 18, 2008

Project Pantry

This is what we were faced with when we took possession of the house in September. I was quick to remove the door leading to the basement (what we now refer to as the lower level!) and in the bargain exposed the very exposed pantry. The first thing that I had to get rid of was the very nasty looking 'Faux Grain' plywood. This left us with walls covered in a very strange shade of peach!!

This is what we lived with for a few months. The shelves are visible from the kitchen and essentially became a dumping ground.

This is what it looks like after a very long weekend of cutting and being covered in sawdust!! Basically these are three IKEA AKURUM High Cabinets that were 15 inches wide x 12 inches deep and 80 inches in height. I had to cut the depth of the carcasses to 7 and a quarter inches including the shelves. Lynda assisted with the long cuts and I do not think she really enjoyed being covered in dust.

It's a big difference from what we had before and is more pleasing on the eyes. Also visible is a pendant lamp that we got from the local salvation army store at a throwaway price. It was brand new - in the box!!!!!!!

Bookcase - Complete!!

The bookcase is finally complete and I loaded it up with all my comics, CD's, LP's etc. The outermost units have their top halves covered by doors. The main reason for this is that the right hand doors are covering the Main Fuse Panel of the house. The left hand side had to be covered to maintain symmetry. Anyways it's a good thing as I needed the space to tuck away all of my spare PC gear.

This is what the inside of the Right Hand unit looks like with it's doors wide open. The cover for the fuse panel is off and has been sprayed white to minimise the impact that the grey colour would have had. I will be putting in shelves to make use of all of the available space.

This is a cut out I made in order to turn off the main breaker; when and if required.

Just an image showing the various cuts that I had to make to accommodate the varying profile of the fuse box and it's support.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Zero Bubble

'Zero Bubble' is a Maritime Term used specifically by the US Navy when describing a level state or calling for a submarine to be levelled out.

My bookshelves are now at Zero Bubble!!!

An amazing feat if I may say so myself; given that the floor is completely whack and that I am dealing with five individual units.

Now to screw them all together and do the final fixing!!!

It's been a great day so far, even though I've had to spend an hour and a half digging a path out of the snow for the car and having to take care of an unwell Aaliyah.

We're getting there baby!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wasted Week (So Far)

The week so far has been a blur. We actually did get so much done over the weekend. We painted the walls of Lynda's studio pure white as well as all of the silly brown shelves. For a touch of whimsy, I got the 'Esquire' to hop over to IKEA and get me the 'Dignitet' curtain wire. This creates a sort of a cocoon for Lynda and can be drawn back completely when required without the hardware being overwhelming.

We also painted the beadboard white and it looks great. The fireplace has also gone completely white.

The bookcases have their new hardboard backs in place and the last one is assembled with the cutouts drawn out. I could not do the cutting with the jigsaw on account of it being too late in the night. Hop over to the Depot 2morrow for a half back and then work towards getting the last unit in place. If I can get the units bayed and affixed to the wall, Lynda will get the stuff off the ground and on the shelves.
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