Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wasted Week (So Far)

The week so far has been a blur. We actually did get so much done over the weekend. We painted the walls of Lynda's studio pure white as well as all of the silly brown shelves. For a touch of whimsy, I got the 'Esquire' to hop over to IKEA and get me the 'Dignitet' curtain wire. This creates a sort of a cocoon for Lynda and can be drawn back completely when required without the hardware being overwhelming.

We also painted the beadboard white and it looks great. The fireplace has also gone completely white.

The bookcases have their new hardboard backs in place and the last one is assembled with the cutouts drawn out. I could not do the cutting with the jigsaw on account of it being too late in the night. Hop over to the Depot 2morrow for a half back and then work towards getting the last unit in place. If I can get the units bayed and affixed to the wall, Lynda will get the stuff off the ground and on the shelves.

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