Monday, February 18, 2008

Bookcase - Complete!!

The bookcase is finally complete and I loaded it up with all my comics, CD's, LP's etc. The outermost units have their top halves covered by doors. The main reason for this is that the right hand doors are covering the Main Fuse Panel of the house. The left hand side had to be covered to maintain symmetry. Anyways it's a good thing as I needed the space to tuck away all of my spare PC gear.

This is what the inside of the Right Hand unit looks like with it's doors wide open. The cover for the fuse panel is off and has been sprayed white to minimise the impact that the grey colour would have had. I will be putting in shelves to make use of all of the available space.

This is a cut out I made in order to turn off the main breaker; when and if required.

Just an image showing the various cuts that I had to make to accommodate the varying profile of the fuse box and it's support.

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