Monday, February 18, 2008

Project Pantry

This is what we were faced with when we took possession of the house in September. I was quick to remove the door leading to the basement (what we now refer to as the lower level!) and in the bargain exposed the very exposed pantry. The first thing that I had to get rid of was the very nasty looking 'Faux Grain' plywood. This left us with walls covered in a very strange shade of peach!!

This is what we lived with for a few months. The shelves are visible from the kitchen and essentially became a dumping ground.

This is what it looks like after a very long weekend of cutting and being covered in sawdust!! Basically these are three IKEA AKURUM High Cabinets that were 15 inches wide x 12 inches deep and 80 inches in height. I had to cut the depth of the carcasses to 7 and a quarter inches including the shelves. Lynda assisted with the long cuts and I do not think she really enjoyed being covered in dust.

It's a big difference from what we had before and is more pleasing on the eyes. Also visible is a pendant lamp that we got from the local salvation army store at a throwaway price. It was brand new - in the box!!!!!!!

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  1. I love how very much the whole scene has changed. Gone is the dated wood, the whitewash has since been painted, and bliked, the light fixture has been redone, the stairs have been painted, the banister has been new and improved. Kudos to Lyn & yourself.


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