Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Top 5 Kitchen Trends

With the team working tirelessly on two kitchen renovations right now I thought I would round up my favorite kitchens and share my Top 5 Kitchen Trends with you. Kitchens are the heart of a home and friends will always gravitate to this space so why not make it as pretty as the rest of the house. If you are planning to tackle a Kitchen Reno then here are some ideas to help you along. 

We are increasingly spotting the combination of dark lower and light upper cabinets in kitchens and here they are combined with wood bar stools in golden tones and delicate lights to create the right balance of contrast and warmth. Dark lower cabinets ground the space while light upper cabinets keep it feeling bright and airy. If an entire kitchen in dark cabinets is too much for you then consider going dark with just your kitchen island giving the room a focal point. 

Patterned back splashes or floors are a great way to break up a bank of self colored cabinets and walls. Tiles are getting more & more prettier with a whole range of mosaic, patterned and textured tile options available out there. If you are nervous to cover the entire floor in pattern then consider just doing a patterned back splash while keeping the counter tops classic. Cement tiles which continue to be my favorite are showing up not just in washrooms but in kitchens too, and HERE you can check out some of our favorite tiles spotted during our hunts.

What can I say - it's the artist in me that speaks ! But seriously - why restrict art to just your living rooms? why not introduce some beautiful vintage pieces in your kitchen too to make the space interesting and add some much need color. I have all my graphite sketches hung in my kitchen and they bring so much personality to the room. My whole approach to designing is thinking outside the box. Using items in a way that is not expected is my key.

Open shelves continue to show up in kitchens and offer a great option to displaying your pretty dishes, plants and accessories. Having upper and lower cabinets leaves the kitchen feeling very boxy and top heavy whereas with shelves you have an open plan look and the storage is no less. While it may not be for everyone (especially me with my dust ridden home) they are a lovely way to bring style and elegance to an otherwise utilitarian space. 
The range hood is a necessity but it does not need to look ugly. In the past they were concealed behind cabinet doors or a huge metal sheet but today you have way more options. Consider cladding it with wood planks, tiles or even marble. You could either beef it up to be the focal point of the room or clad it in the same finish as your back wall so that it disappears. But remember every room needs just one 'focal point' to ground the space - one too many and you have lost your focus.
Design is all about taking risks, thinking outside the box and bringing personality to a space. If you are still unsure about which direction to go in for your kitchen then call in the pros - basically Dhiraj and Lynda who are happy to take those calculated risks for you and turn your house into a home. 

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cedarglen Kitchen Remodel - Demo and Install in Mississauga

This seems to be the month for kitchens with the team working tirelessly to complete the Jeffcoat Kitchen in Etobicoke and the Cedarglen Kitchen in Mississauga. The Cedarglen kitchen is nearly complete with just a little trim work left and then it's on to the professional pictures.

The kitchen started off as a builder's grade kitchen and was a dated brown and white space with mismatched counter tops, ceramic tiles with a green hint and white  appliances.

We tore out the cabinets and tiled floor and went down to the Oriented Strand sub-floor. Behind the cabinets we found the usual shortcuts along with a few techniques that we had never seen before such as using a hammer as a stud finder when mounting cabinets......


As this is a stacked townhouse we had many constraints such as walls, casings, doorways etc. We put the design together using IKEA'a planning software, but  had to revert to Sketchup to include non IKEA items such as the apron front farmhouse sink and IKEA modifications such as a custom 35" wall cabinet with integral drawers and a 10" cabinet using a drawer front as the door. Other modifications was to build in a floor-to-ceiling pantry with a combination of tall and short cabinets filled with drawers.


The countertop is Juparna Delicatus and blends nicely with the 2 x 12 Glass Subway tile in silver grey with light grey grout. The floor tiles are 24 x 24 polished Porcelain in White.


Other modifications were the addition of under-counter lighting, recessed lighting in the ceiling and a central ceiling fitting. Dimmers were added throughout for lighting control.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Top Global Design Trends - Part 1

Design Trends
While we have been busy with numerous projects (Jeffcoat Basement, Cedarglen Kitchen and more) that we are shuttling between, some other cool stuff has been happening. We are so delighted to share with you that Wilde North Interiors along with two esteemed Architects from India were invited to share our views on Global Design Trends for Discern Living a one-stop destination for Home Decor & Interior Design based in India. We feel so honored to be included in this talented group and humbled.......

Thank you so much to Priyanka of Discern Living for inviting us to contribute to shaping the future of design. Go check out the full article HERE. Part 2 & 3 will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive these posts directly to your inbox.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Decorating with Pastels

If anyone knows me by now you will know I love anything Boho  - fashion, home decor and lifestyle. And I also love light colors. So imagine my joy when I happened upon Souraya's beautiful home so beautifully decorated in Boho furniture and pastel colors. Makes me so happy just looking at it that I just had to share it here with you guys. And guess where she lives - Holland - our favorite place on earth! after Canada...........but it comes a close second.  

Let me take you through her eclectic home and show you how she has effortlessly pulled this look together.
Binti Home

I follow other Boho interior designers like Amber Interiors and Flea Market Fab who's work I adore, they use bright eclectic prints and colors to pull the room together, but never have I seen the Bohemian look done in pastels. Never! until sweet Souraya came along. 

Here above I adore the way she uses a collection of small tables in the center as opposed to one big coffee table. This allows for more movement in the room and you can easily relocate the tables if you need a side table option. That rug, those macrame hanging pots and the hexagon mirrors fit in perfectly in this space. 
Binti Home

Binti Home

Binti Home

Binti Home

In her dining room I love the way she has used a trio of chandeliers suspended from a rod, a different look to one big chandelier. The mismatched chairs, the artwork, that bench...............sigh. She is not afraid to mix things up but somehow manages to keep things looking like they belong. 

Binti Home

Binti Home

Doesn't this blue hutch just fit in so perfectly ? And it kinda balances that green accent wall. Using different colors works well when they are all of the same tone and family. And is anyone pining for that cute printed bag hanging from the door! I sure am ! 
Binti Home

Binti Home

Her office looks like a dream to work from and my favorite is that tall cork lined wall, a perfect place to pin your inspiration pics and notes. Love how she has painted one wall green here too to tie the rooms together.

Binti Home

Binti Home
Small details in the bedroom like that rustic bench and her beautiful plants just make the place so cozy and inviting. It seems like Souraya has lovingly chosen each item in her home and styled them so artistically. In addition to being an Interior Designer she is also an accomplished photographer and all above pics have been photographed by her. Check out more of her stunning work on her Instagram account.

Head over to her site Binti Home to see more pics of her home and other spaces she has styled. Souraya if you are reading this then thank you for sharing these photographs of your gorgeous home. They brought a smile to our lips today.

All photography by Souraya Hassan, Binti Home.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer Dining

I'm so excited Wilde North Interiors have invited me to contribute to their awesome blog today. Thank you Lynda and Dhiraj! Lynda’s fun post on Outdoor Decorating was a great way to usher in the start of summer. By now hopefully your hanging baskets have been hung, your deck chairs dusted off and all traces of winter are tidily tucked away (don’t be like me and leave your winter jackets in your coat closet all year long! please!).

If you've implemented some of Lynda’s tips (or been inspired to) you've got yourself a fabulous outdoor space. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy it and savour every bit of sunshine this season has to offer (but remember the SPF!). An icy drink on a balmy evening, the smell of grilled meat wafting through the air, a heady buzz brought on by laughter and friendship.....what are you waiting for?

Wilde North

My three step approach to an impromptu summer get together goes like this - slap some meat / fish on the grill, chop up a salad, and swig away at something cold (preferably laced with alcohol) while you wait to eat. Here are some ideas (courtesy of some great food / lifestyle blogs) for a quick, easy summer meal that you can enjoy tonight!

Let’s start with the good stuff: A refreshing Summer Cocktail. I christened this grapefruit Campari concoction ‘Summer Breeze’ after the Seals and Croft seventies classic of the same name (Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine of my mind…cue epic guitar riff…you know it!). The tangy grapefruit pairs really well with the bitter-sweet Campari and the color is just glorious. One sip and you will totally get why this drink just makes you go "ahhh....Summer Breeze". It’s also not too sweet or overtly girly, meaning even the most rugged among your friends circle may be tempted to put down his/her brewski in favour of this.

Side note - I'm always partial towards drinks that can be made in pitchers, that way guests can just help themselves to refills. Also I've always made this using regular Tropicana grapefruit juice from the carton but feel free to squeeze away if you have the time! 
Wilde North

Next is the main meal courtesy of an article on street food I saw on Goop (I know what you are thinking but give Gwyneth a chance, her site is not all juice cleanses and chakra balancing - she featured real food too!). This meal idea is basically a de-constructed Greek Gyro wrap - perfect for a light meal. Marinate the chicken and throw it on the grill, chop the veg for the salad, and make or buy Tzatziki. Using store bought Tzatziki will work just as well and give you a head start on those Summer Breezes…..just saying…. (I skip the pita croutons and just serve with toasted pita which you can also throw on the grill before the chicken).
Wilde North

Summer desserts are usually your standard issue watermelon slices or ice cream, which are fine, but .....these adorable popsicle moulds may persuade you to deviate from the norm? DIY popsicles are super simple, look gorgeous and are probably a whole lot healthier with way less sugar than the packaged kind - which is an especially good thing if you have little ones running around that you are hoping to wind down for the evening.  

My favourite combinations are a mix of strawberries/blueberries topped with coconut water, or mango/peach topped with orange juice (just place the fruit at the bottom of the pop, then fill with liquid and freeze). You can experiment and use whatever mix of fruit, juice/liquid you have to hand.
Wilde North

Let us know in the comments below if you do give these recipes a try and how they turned out. Happy Entertaining folks!

Maya Ribeiro is a freelance copywriter living in the GTA. You can contact her at

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Color Consultation Summer Promo


Choosing the perfect paint colour can be tedious. Is grey too cold a color? Would white work in a well lit room? Should we go with a two colour combo in our basement? The dilemmas are endless. Let us take care of choosing the right paint colour for your home.

We are hosting a Summer Promotion starting today where you can book a Colour Consultation with us and receive Benjamin Moore paint for "FREE". What better way to start off your home renos than this! Let us jump in and help you with choosing the perfect colour for each room and get your home ready for those summer shindigs you have lined up.

This promotion runs till the end of June 2016 and for those of you that need extra paint we are offering our Trade discounts to you. It could not get any better than this!

What are you waiting for! Hop over to the link below to book your consultation today! or contact us via email to get this party started! email:

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