Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Top 5 Kitchen Trends

With the team working tirelessly on two kitchen renovations right now I thought I would round up my favorite kitchens and share my Top 5 Kitchen Trends with you. Kitchens are the heart of a home and friends will always gravitate to this space so why not make it as pretty as the rest of the house. If you are planning to tackle a Kitchen Reno then here are some ideas to help you along. 

We are increasingly spotting the combination of dark lower and light upper cabinets in kitchens and here they are combined with wood bar stools in golden tones and delicate lights to create the right balance of contrast and warmth. Dark lower cabinets ground the space while light upper cabinets keep it feeling bright and airy. If an entire kitchen in dark cabinets is too much for you then consider going dark with just your kitchen island giving the room a focal point. 

Patterned back splashes or floors are a great way to break up a bank of self colored cabinets and walls. Tiles are getting more & more prettier with a whole range of mosaic, patterned and textured tile options available out there. If you are nervous to cover the entire floor in pattern then consider just doing a patterned back splash while keeping the counter tops classic. Cement tiles which continue to be my favorite are showing up not just in washrooms but in kitchens too, and HERE you can check out some of our favorite tiles spotted during our hunts.

What can I say - it's the artist in me that speaks ! But seriously - why restrict art to just your living rooms? why not introduce some beautiful vintage pieces in your kitchen too to make the space interesting and add some much need color. I have all my graphite sketches hung in my kitchen and they bring so much personality to the room. My whole approach to designing is thinking outside the box. Using items in a way that is not expected is my key.

Open shelves continue to show up in kitchens and offer a great option to displaying your pretty dishes, plants and accessories. Having upper and lower cabinets leaves the kitchen feeling very boxy and top heavy whereas with shelves you have an open plan look and the storage is no less. While it may not be for everyone (especially me with my dust ridden home) they are a lovely way to bring style and elegance to an otherwise utilitarian space. 
The range hood is a necessity but it does not need to look ugly. In the past they were concealed behind cabinet doors or a huge metal sheet but today you have way more options. Consider cladding it with wood planks, tiles or even marble. You could either beef it up to be the focal point of the room or clad it in the same finish as your back wall so that it disappears. But remember every room needs just one 'focal point' to ground the space - one too many and you have lost your focus.
Design is all about taking risks, thinking outside the box and bringing personality to a space. If you are still unsure about which direction to go in for your kitchen then call in the pros - basically Dhiraj and Lynda who are happy to take those calculated risks for you and turn your house into a home. 

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