Saturday, January 30, 2016

Interior Design Show Toronto Canada 2016

We were at the IDS 2016 Toronto last weekend and discovered so many new products that have hit the market recently.  Here we are sharing with you things that impressed us the most. It was such a fun event and ended up being a total date night for both of us !

Dhiraj at the Beauti-Tone Color Bar, one of the coolest booths at the show.

At the Excel Gum booth designed by Jillian Harris host of the Love it or List it show.


Lasvit Chandelier

So lighting was everywhere and some amazing designs. This piece above my head is one I loved the most but it was a close tie with the transparent shaped chandeliers designed by Jan Plechav and Henry Wielgus at Lasvit Lighting. I am currently hunting down the perfect chandelier for my client`s formal living room and am smitten with these options.

Wood veneer when you want to clad a wall but you do not want to use barn wood. Thin and sleek and easy to layer over your pre-existing walls. Here is an example of when D clad a custom Home Bar with barn wood.

Vintage world maps, I absolutely adore these and they look stunning on the grey walls.

D checking out Quartz options..........

Quirky plant holders for a modern touch to your home. Who says everything has to sit only on the floor !

Pelicans everywhere ! I love when a booth goes over the top on the decor - total stand out ! 

Habitat for Humanity had built a house with 38,000 pieces of mega blocks - prettay cool ! Layla would have loved to see this in person.

These hidden beds are so well designed - thats a bed in there.

And another bed in there too !

Fake fireplace with light and vapor only ! Great for a feature wall when you don`t really need the heat but more of a statement !

There wasn`t much art but of the little that was there this piece stole my heart. A vintage photo that was blown up and mounted onto wood with a resin seal. Just stunning ! I am a sucker for old photographs and this is such a nice way to display something memorable.

We even got to see Suzanne Dimma (editor of House & Home) and Linda Reeves present on current Design Trends. They were at the show last year too.........see pics from last year`s event HERE.

This funky watch winder for the indulgent male in you ! Seriously just look at the design !

Coffee tables dual purposed ! very funky ! by Garman Furniture

My favorite shades in color schemes..............

Rugs galore !

Encaustic Tiles at Creekside Tile, they had some funky stuff to show off, including tiles and glitter grout. See the video of gold glitter grout on my Instagram feed where I share daily Design Inspiration and New finds.

Cool outdoor tiles in a modern pattern.

Farrow & Ball`s chosen 8 colors of the year.

Beauti-Tone`s chosen 4 colors of the year

Benjamin Moore declared WHITE as their color of the year. I concur !

Ikea cabinet doors made by Semi-Handmade when you want a different look to your cabinets. They make them in all sizes and they fit every Ikea cabinet - something D was most impressed with as he works alot with Ikea cabinets in kitchens, custom home bars, closets, etc.

And it was well worth the trip. Shows like this feed our soul and keep us informed on what`s new in the design world. And that is in addition to the hundreds of design blogs we follow, Home mags we read and Design books we order. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us for any of your design needs.

Leaving you with this note:

`Home Renovation does not have to be costly or stressful. Working with a qualified interior designer can help save you time and money - adding value to your investment``.

Big hugs

Friday, January 29, 2016

MidWest Home Magazine Feature

We have some sweet news for you guys, we got featured in a US Home Magazine MidWest Home with an article on basements featuring our Brannigan Gate Remodel. 2016 has started off really well for us and this came at such a good time. We are so fortunate and blessed to have amazing clients who give us creative freedom and trust us with their homes. A special Thank You goes out to Bryan and Lynn Pinto for giving us this opportunity to transform their basement. Clients like them don`t come around very often. You guys rock !!

Read the full article HERE


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Demolition of Brampton Birchbank Main Washroom - part 1

Sorry for the slow posts guys but it`s been crazy hectic up at the Wilde North Headquarters! We have four jobs going on simultaneously and spreading ourselves all across the GTA is no mean feat. But we are not complaining. It has been a great start to the year with some amazing projects in the pipeline and we are super grateful for the work that is coming our way. 

I am currently working on an Interior Decorating gig of a brand new home in Mississauga - dying to show you all pics but you gotta wait till it is all done. D is working on a basement renovate in Scarborough creating a confectionery space for our special client, a custom closet solution in her daughters bedroom, a full renovate for another client`s powder room in Brampton and our own master washroom renovate. Time management has become key to us as well as driving slowly in the snow.........when did Winter arrive eh ! 

Thought I would share some demolition pics of our washroom and how its progressing. If any of you know D, he will demo a room down to studs and build it back up from scratch. This allows him to see what is behind the walls and find how he can make optimum use of the space. It also allows him to reinforce the floor joists which will enable the use of natural stone tiles or large format tiles. Older houses were made with wider joist spacing to support only wood or vinyl flooring. Stone and Tiles need far more rigidity than that would allow.

We are tearing down our 3 piece washroom to replace the tub with a wide shower stall, floating vanity and slim linen closet. The layout pretty much stays the same and we are going with a palette of grays and whites. We are also adding wainscoting to two walls with a mosaic trim detail. Yes, it is going to look all posh in here people ! and the piece de resistance will be the Thermostatic Bidet. I feel like a princess already.

Unfortunately we do not have before pics of our 50 yr old outdated washroom as the camera card crashed and we were left with just the pics on my phone so y`all will just have to use your imagination. 

That`s our washroom completely demolished down to the concrete wall and studs. 

At one point we had no floor in there and it was a quick slip down to the basement ! Here you are looking down into our pantry.

Walls torn down to studs and one very ill placed pipe running through the back of my closet - original to house.

D put in the substrate floors on day 2 and it was safe to walk in again especially for Coach as he loves to sniff around our work zones. 

Here the framing of the shower stall was being put up. We are going for a really wide shower stall and a sexy huge rain shower head. 

We have dry walled and primed the walls and we are ready for flooring which fingers crossed goes in this weekend. This washroom is being built in phases i.e. on weekends when we are home and in between our hectic schedules.

Excited to show you the final reveal so stay tuned people !!

Big Hugs

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Industrial Decor at All Saints

My girlfriend and I were shopping at Yorkdale Toronto last week and while she was going nuts over clothes and shoes I went crazy over the decor at All Saints. Great label with great clothes but even better decor. Snapping away like a tourist I was smitten with the industrial elements used everywhere from the clothes racks to the shelving, lighting and dressing rooms. Here are some pics of the shop that I just had to share with y'all.........

The installation at the front of the shop was what stopped me in my tracks...........row upon row of vintage Singer sewing machines. My Grandma had one and we have been looking for the base of the sewing machine stand to turn into a side table.

This massive antique guillotine was at the entrance - its size and scale was so impressive making me drool and gush.

Then you had all the industrial shelving and just look at the lights.....they were the vintage film lighting hanging from the ceiling.......I mean these guys thought of every little detail.

This beautiful racking unit that is used so ingenuously for displaying folded clothes. I absolutely love when a thing is used in a way it was not meant to be used.

What even ! 

And then the dressing room had these gorgeous Restoration Hardware armchairs with the Airplane metal siding and leather upholstery.

The detailing on the dressing room doors..........the entire look was kept industrial. I should've asked who decorated the place.

This extra long metal pipe and leather bench along the inside of the dressing room. Just look at its scale. So sleek and sophisticated.

Good design is when the smallest detail has been considered and every element works together. You can see why I was gushing about this place. Simpy spectacular. I think I need to get out a bit more.................forgive the tourist behavior ! But seriously go see it for yourself, definitely a sight to take in !


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