Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To Use Dark Paint Colors In Your Home


Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year, Shadow 2117-30, is allusive and enigmatic — a master of ambiance.

“It ebbs and flows with its surroundings, and light brings it to life. Rich, royal amethyst can fade into the soft lilac-grey of distant mountains or morph into lustrous coal. Indulge your mysterious side. Let Shadow set the mood.” 

—Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director

shadow paint color bm

With Benjamin Moore declaring "Shadow" as their color of the year 2017 we thought of rounding up our favorite rooms in this beautiful moody color showing you how to use darker shades in your home. Shadow is a deep grey color with a tint of aubergine or purple in it giving it layers of depth and movement.

There are so many ways to use this color, either by going bold and painting the whole room in Shadow or taking a safer approach with just one focal wall. It is a color than can turn a space into a cozy living room, into a moody bedroom or into an elegant office/study/den. You can balance the darker shades with lots of white in the ceiling, baseboards, crown molding and doors drawing the light into the room.

Personally I like to paint small rooms a dark shade as it instantly brings a sense of drama and flair to the space, turning it into a conversation starter. These rooms would make perfect settings for a post dinner cocktail or liqueur, a reading nook or just some "Me" time. 

Here some of our favorite designers have paired it with white or other complimentary colors to bring out the true richness in this beautiful hue. Below the study was painted in dark grey while leaving the center section bright white. Light floors and furniture keep the room feeling open and airy. Rich tones were brought in through the rug and gold touches were added through the light fixtures and framed art below.

home office den by studio mcgee
dark grey living room
Foyers and entrance ways painted in a darker shade make for a rich and luxurious welcome look. Add a glam chandelier in crystal that pops against the dark walls and it speaks volumes for your passionate personality. Looking to pick statement lighting then check out our blog post here to guide you. 

dark foyer
grey lux living room
grey gold family room

modern den
Rather than trying to hide the shape of that wall, the designer here painted it in a strong color turning it into a statement. Pairing the grey wall with lots of white and warm tones in the faux fur rug and animal skin carpet brings balance to the room.
contemporary lounge
focal wall fireplace
Art and accessories stand out against a darker grey, thats probably why most art galleries / art schools are usually painted grey. In the pic above painting the focal wall in a darker shade turned the fireplace into a feature. In the Rainpark Basement we have painted the fireplace wall matt black and added reveal beads turning it into a focal point in the room. See progress shots of the design & construction of this basement HERE on our website.

study den
library den office
And my favorite feature about dark walls is that books look great against it. Just look at the above two rooms layered in beautiful books, artwork and artifacts. You can't help but sink into those couches and never want to leave.
how to use dark grey paint
dramatic study
grey focal wall fireplace

artwork on a grey wall
stag head
So what do you think? Willing to consider this color in one of your rooms? Start small or maybe even go mid-tone and not entirely dark if you are unsure of how you will react to the color. Maybe do a swatch test to see how the color acts during different times of the day. Paint is really the easiest and cheapest way to bring about a change in a room so why not give it a go.

Stay tuned for the reveal pics of our Rainpark Basement remodel where we painted the fireplace wall a deep dark black to compliment the aqua custom bar and white walls.

Check out our PINTEREST boards for more ideas on dramatic paint colors.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Pit Stop: Factory Tile Depot

Continuing on with our PIT STOP series here are a few photos of when we stopped over at Factory Tile Depot looking for tiles for the Rainpark Basement Remodel project. We are building a custom bar, fireplace, yoga room, home theater and 3pc washroom in this unfinished space. Tiles are being sourced for the front of bar counter, floor of bar and washroom.

This Tile shop was pretty impressive in that it was a large facility, well laid out and with a great selection of tiles. We liked the fact that they had tables laid out for customers to take their samples to and discuss/argue over. (Do we argue? Nooooo - we have the same taste so we end up picking the exact same option). Plus seating, there was lots of seating - you never find seating in shops like this otherwise.

Here we are featuring a few of the tiles that caught our attention.
how to choose the perfect tile

factory tile depot

wall of tiles
My favorite feature in the showroom, a whole wall framed with some of their prettiest white tiles. I am a sucker for anything white. Click below to see video of this stunning wall of unique tiles.

tile showroom
Dhiraj perusing the large format floor tiles. He chooses large format as there are less grout lines then.

tile showroom

hexagon tiles
Pretty printed Hexagon tiles, great for a kitchen floor or shower stall when you want to bring some pattern into the mix

textured tiles
Absolutely loved this one with the pretty design and soft edges. Another great option for a backsplash or washroom. 

lace tile
An imprint of lace on tile, this is so Genius. This would look absolutely gorgeous in a spa-like washroom, a very feminine space for a classy lady.

backsplash tile

mini hex tiles
My favorite color combination in white, taupe and grey and we absolutely loved the small hex tiles with their soft edges. A very pretty look indeed for a back splash option.

patterned tiles
Large format hex tiles, again a great option for a washroom shower stall if you are going for a contemporary look

distressed tiles
Distressed tile in various muted colors, this is a great option for a mud room rustic look. The advancement they have made in Tile designs is very impressive.

shabby chic tiles
Click here to see the video of these tiles on my Instagram

tile samples
Imagine having this look without the roughness of distressed wood. Smooth and easy to clean this is a great option for flooring or a feature wall.

Always thinking, planning, designing. His mind never stops.
Most weekends are spent in tile shops, lighting shops or furniture shops choosing the best finishes for our client's homes. Hop over to our website to see progress on the Rainpark Basement where we have documented the designing & building of the space in various stages of destruction/construction.

We have also started work at the Dancing Waters Residence where we are completing the Interior Design & Decor for our clients new build home. Lots of custom work, personal touches and luxurious finishes will turn this house into a home. Follow along on our Newsletterblog or Instagram for sneak peeks of our design process and progress shots.

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Looking for help choosing tile or lighting then give us a call to book a consultation. Today!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jeffcoat Washroom Before / After Reveal in Etobicoke

Continuing on from the recent reveal of the Jeffcoat Basement we remodeled in Etobicoke where we built a Home Theatre, Custom Bar, Kitchen and Darts Game Zone with lots of custom details, we now show you the washroom that was clad in wood / wallpaper and was in much need of a makeover. 

We blew out walls, opened up rooms and added a 24'' shower stall, acrylic sink, thermostatic bidet, floating vanity, back lit mirror, custom shower stall, glass sliding doors, seamless curb & back splash with other modern amenities, to make it a modern space for our clients. We went with light colors  like cream and white, and contrasted it with a darker floor and warm wood in the vanity. See the 'Before' pic below:

washroom reno before and after

modern washroom reno by wilde north interiors
A 24'' shower stall spanning the whole length of the back wall made optimum use of the space.

contemporary washroom reno
A Rainshower head, a hand held shower, shower control with diverter valve, and 12 x 24'' tiles used on the walls in cream

custom glass shower stall sliding doors
The basebaords are tiled and all edges are finished off with metal trim in Satin Nickel to match the fixtures.

one piece curb shower stall step
A one piece quartz slab gives you a seamless curb with zero grout lines
floating vanity
Floating vanity and backlit mirror

custom glass sliding doors
Custom glass sliding doors for the shower stall, and flat panel LED lighting on the ceiling

screwless face plates
Screwless face plates, its all in the details

thermostatic bidet
Thermostatically controlled bidet

seamless tiles
Seamless look with the tile extending from the shower stall to the backsplash

shower stall
24 x 24'' tiles on the floor in classic black

rainshowere head
Dual shower options with the rain shower and hand held shower

backlit mirror
You can see the other spaces we remodeled at the Jeffcoat Residence namely the Family room, kitchen, home theater, custom bar and a Darts Game zone HERE.

Work is on going at the Rainpark Basement where we are remodeling the space into a Family Room with a Home Theater, Fireplace, Custom Bar, Yoga room and washroom. Wait till ya see the curved barrel ceiling Dhiraj has built in the bar zone. Hope over to our website where we have documented the design / build stages in various states of destruction and/or construction.

We have also started work at the Dancing Waters Residence where we are completing the Interior Design & Decor for our clients new build home. Lots of custom work, personal touches and luxurious finishes will turn this house into a home. Follow along on our Newsletter, blog or Instagram for sneak peeks of our design process and progress shots.


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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Project Rainpark Basement Remodel - Work IN Progress

If you have ever wondered exactly what goes on during a renovation or are going into a renovation yourself, then here are some pix of our Mississauga Basement Remodel to break it down for you. From the design phase to build and construction, there is so much prep work to achieve the streamlined clean look we aim for. 

At the Rainpark Basement we are adding several custom features like the curved bulk heads for the Yoga room, details on the fireplace wall and the special treatment of reveal beads for the fireplace wall. Head on to our website to see the progress photos, link below:

Wilde North Basement Build

Wilde North Basement Build
Rainpark Footprint

Wilde North Basement Build
Custom Curved bulkheads in the Yoga Room

Wilde North Basement Build
Wall Treatment for fireplace build out

Wilde North Basement Build
Framing of the barrel ceiling that will nest the custom wet bar

Wilde North Basement Build

Head on to our website to see the progress photos, link below:

Follow us on Instagram for daily sneak peeks or check back for progress shots.

Big Hugs
Dhiraj & Lynda

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