Friday, November 25, 2016

Pit Stop: Factory Tile Depot

Continuing on with our PIT STOP series here are a few photos of when we stopped over at Factory Tile Depot looking for tiles for the Rainpark Basement Remodel project. We are building a custom bar, fireplace, yoga room, home theater and 3pc washroom in this unfinished space. Tiles are being sourced for the front of bar counter, floor of bar and washroom.

This Tile shop was pretty impressive in that it was a large facility, well laid out and with a great selection of tiles. We liked the fact that they had tables laid out for customers to take their samples to and discuss/argue over. (Do we argue? Nooooo - we have the same taste so we end up picking the exact same option). Plus seating, there was lots of seating - you never find seating in shops like this otherwise.

Here we are featuring a few of the tiles that caught our attention.
how to choose the perfect tile

factory tile depot

wall of tiles
My favorite feature in the showroom, a whole wall framed with some of their prettiest white tiles. I am a sucker for anything white. Click below to see video of this stunning wall of unique tiles.

tile showroom
Dhiraj perusing the large format floor tiles. He chooses large format as there are less grout lines then.

tile showroom

hexagon tiles
Pretty printed Hexagon tiles, great for a kitchen floor or shower stall when you want to bring some pattern into the mix

textured tiles
Absolutely loved this one with the pretty design and soft edges. Another great option for a backsplash or washroom. 

lace tile
An imprint of lace on tile, this is so Genius. This would look absolutely gorgeous in a spa-like washroom, a very feminine space for a classy lady.

backsplash tile

mini hex tiles
My favorite color combination in white, taupe and grey and we absolutely loved the small hex tiles with their soft edges. A very pretty look indeed for a back splash option.

patterned tiles
Large format hex tiles, again a great option for a washroom shower stall if you are going for a contemporary look

distressed tiles
Distressed tile in various muted colors, this is a great option for a mud room rustic look. The advancement they have made in Tile designs is very impressive.

shabby chic tiles
Click here to see the video of these tiles on my Instagram

tile samples
Imagine having this look without the roughness of distressed wood. Smooth and easy to clean this is a great option for flooring or a feature wall.

Always thinking, planning, designing. His mind never stops.
Most weekends are spent in tile shops, lighting shops or furniture shops choosing the best finishes for our client's homes. Hop over to our website to see progress on the Rainpark Basement where we have documented the designing & building of the space in various stages of destruction/construction.

We have also started work at the Dancing Waters Residence where we are completing the Interior Design & Decor for our clients new build home. Lots of custom work, personal touches and luxurious finishes will turn this house into a home. Follow along on our Newsletterblog or Instagram for sneak peeks of our design process and progress shots.

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