Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Project Rainpark Basement Remodel - Work IN Progress

If you have ever wondered exactly what goes on during a renovation or are going into a renovation yourself, then here are some pix of our Mississauga Basement Remodel to break it down for you. From the design phase to build and construction, there is so much prep work to achieve the streamlined clean look we aim for. 

At the Rainpark Basement we are adding several custom features like the curved bulk heads for the Yoga room, details on the fireplace wall and the special treatment of reveal beads for the fireplace wall. Head on to our website to see the progress photos, link below:

Wilde North Basement Build

Wilde North Basement Build
Rainpark Footprint

Wilde North Basement Build
Custom Curved bulkheads in the Yoga Room

Wilde North Basement Build
Wall Treatment for fireplace build out

Wilde North Basement Build
Framing of the barrel ceiling that will nest the custom wet bar

Wilde North Basement Build

Head on to our website to see the progress photos, link below:

Follow us on Instagram for daily sneak peeks or check back for progress shots.

Big Hugs
Dhiraj & Lynda

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