Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Berryman Residence Interior Design & Decorate Video

Here is the video we shot of the Berryman Residence in Mississauga where we did the Full Service Interior Design & Decorate. It is a sweet and short video capturing the rooms and the custom artwork we created for each room.

Below is a visual on the empty spaces before the makeover. The new build was a beautifully appointed house coffered ceiling, high windows and hardwood floors. Taking the features and designing the space around them is what we do best.

And here is the short & sweet video:

You can see the entire gallery here on the website and the before pics here.

If you are struggling to pick paint colors or the perfect rug, then check out our Interior Design & Decor packages which will simplify your decor dilemmas. We would love to help you with making your home an elegant and comfortable space for you.


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