Thursday, April 28, 2016

Project Jeffcoat - Etobicoke Basement Teardown

Earlier this month we started work on a basement in Etobicoke that had been untouched since the current owners bought the place 16 years ago. Since that time, it was their dream to one day tear open the complete basement and rebuild it to suit their needs.
Project Jeffcoat - Circa January 2016
That dream became a harsh reality on the 11th when our crew walked in and started tearing the place apart. To say that it all went smoothly would be a lie. But Kurt, Craig & George rallied together and made a seemingly impossible task a whole load of fun.

 George hard at work

 A rare picture of three men at work

 Craig, simply ecstatic to be part of this team

George navigating the wash room tear out without any major issues

The space was originally disproportionally divided into a Living area, Kitchen, Wash room, Bedroom and Utility Room. Craig and George attacked the kitchen and Kurt and I took on the Living area and Utility Room.

 Looking into the Living Room

 The Kitchen, with it's illegally done Gas work

The washroom featuring a weirdly placed stack and no venting of the fixtures

Shower pan featuring leaking walls.....

The owner had recently upgraded the gas furnace and installed a tankless water heater

Looking towards the stairs

To say that we did not find any surprises would be lie. We found water under the subfloor, hidden junction boxes and improper electrical

 Hidden Junction boxes are a no no as per the Ontario Building Code. The following were all hidden behind the ceiling

 Junction Box with another set of connections

This had to be the most bizarre means of getting a wire across

And finally, a found badge, convincing us that the basement was indeed special!!!!

Stay tuned for more blog posts from Project Jeffcoat.

See the other Basements we have completed HERE. And give us a shout if you are thinking of renovating your spaces. We would love to work wtih you to transform your house into a beautiful home.


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