Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 3 - Amsterdam

Did so much yesterday. We took the tram to the Rijkmuseum. We had to make a changeover of trams. It was pouring and we were just across from the Old Heineken Brewery. We made a snap decision to take in the Heiniken Experience in honour of all the Alco's in my life, namely Dinesh, Shane & Marc. The experience was really neat and there were 3 beers per person included in the entry fee. Sorry guys, but at the end of the tour, we returned 4 unused tokens!!!!!!

By the time the Heinyexpy was over, the rain had stopped and we walked over to the Reijkmuseum. The stuff was really neat and Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' is etched in my mind's eye forever.

From the Reijkmuseum, we stopped at the Museumplein for Sandwiches and Ice Cream. I fell asleep by the water and the girls dipped their legs in the water.

Then on to the Van Gogh Museum. Now I know that Vincent's works are to die for, but Lynda does paint better!!! So!!! Vincent apparently shot himself at age 37. Me thinks he finally corrected his vision and saw his paintings!!!!!

From there we took the tram to Albert Heijn supermarket, where we picked up wines breezers and other acroutments for dinner.

The sky was really overcast by the time we got to the hotel and we were treated to a downpour the likes we would only see in India. It was great!!!!
Slept early as we were all knackered!!!!!

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