Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 4 - Amsterdamn this is a long holiday!!!

Today was mostly walkies. We took in the 9 Streets. It was cold and Aaliyah had not dressed herself suitably. So enroute to a shopping area we chanced upon a Vintage clothing store where we (the girls and I) all got ourselves Jean Jackets for 40 Euros total.

We had a nice sit down lunch this afternoon in stark contrast to other lunches which were mostly mobile.

Then mostly walking through the shopping areas where the girls vanished through stacks of clothes and I took off for a vintage map store across the street. Did not find anything that I liked but I did not spend too much time there. Turns out the girls were not exactly waiting for me.

Lynda scored herself a pair of Cowboy boots at 50 Euros. Really nice buy. I wanted one as well, but explain this to me - How come Ladies boots on Sale start at 40 EUR and Men's boots on Sale start at 150 EUR???

I believe that men will get the better deal in heaven!!!!

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