Sunday, March 18, 2007

Watch this Space!!! Lavabo Repair Diary

My last incomplete project finally takes shape. This is a very very early 20th Century piece of furniture that used to stand in the Vestry and was used by priests when ablution was still practiced. This was of course before running water became commonplace.

This was salvaged from Mt. Mary's Basilica by U. Hayley.

So much work has gone into resurrecting this very rare and unique piece of history. The base had rotted away due to water damage, the bottom doors had to be partially rebuilt, the doors at the top had to be repaired. The reservoir, collector and collector funnel had to be rebuilt out of stainless steel. I'm not sure if I will ever fill water in the system, but I got the wetted parts made anyways.

I still need to source some hardware for this and will target ACE hardware on my next Dubai run.

This is now being lacquered and should be completed before we go down to Mumbai. I want to carry pictures of this to U.H. as a thank you for the salvage effort.

This is very much on the way to becoming a family heirloom!!!!

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