Friday, March 23, 2007

Piano Stool Project

This just in from a shop whose name that I have forgotten. Run by a Pakistani in Adliya, this is a quaint little shop that needs visiting once in a month to see whats new (or rather, old)

I have wanted a Piano Stool for Lynda & Aaliyah ever since they lost the ability to return the dining chairs back to their original place.

Paid BHD 15.000 for it but it needs to be redone. So tomorrow I take it down to Vinod & gang for some stiffening of the joints and a few minor repairs. After that into the spray booth for a semi-gloss finish in black to match the Casio.

The top of the stool is to be taken to Ahmed Sharif for refinishing in a B&W print to sort of match the chosen palette. Look out for pics in the near future. This one should get completed fast!!!!!

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