Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucky Luke - Eurokids

I remember first reading Lucky Luke at my neighbour Mr. Robert Dango's house. Incidentally, U. Bobby is from where I get my moniker - Bob!!!

Lucky Luke, penned by Morris (real name Maurice de Bevere) saw it's best books during the time that it was written by Rene Goscinny. Since Goscinny passed away, Morris collaborated with various other writer and kept the series alive. The series are being currently done by Achde & Gerra. It is said that Achde apprenticed with Morris and was a natural choice to take over the reins following morris' passing in 2001.

Pity that we did not see the same thing done with Herge's Tintin.

Anyhoo these comics have been out of print for the longest time, till British publishing house Cinebook started releasing them from 2006 onwards. Needless to say that I've been collecting them faithfully.

Recently, while checking Wikipedia, I found out that a publishing house in India named Eurokids has just released a 24 set of Lucky Luke. Thankfully these differ from the titles that Cinebooks has released and me wants so badly.

I've set the wheels into motion and thanks to my most wonderful cousin Christabelle, should have them soon enough. Cannot Wait!!!!!!

They are also available as 3 in 1 sets. But honestly - would you pass up on the amazing cover art????

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