Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shed Build Diary - 15 - Let us Shingle Together

Tis was not the old month of May. Nay tis was somewhere between June & July and our voices were joyful but definitely not gay!!!

Dad and I finally finished the shingling of the shed. This was to be done last year, but I was not willing to pay CAD 25.00 per pack when I could've got the same from the ReStore at CAD 10.00. All I needed was patience. This paid off in January when I got 4 packets of shingles for CAD 8.00 per pack. All I needed now was the time and the inclination.

I had to re felt the roof as the old layers were trashed by old man winter. Trying to work around the rain that we had this week was another pain, but we did it and the shed is finally 100% done.

1 comment:

  1. It looks great! Well done! Pink flowers in hanging baskets off your shed, your office of solace, your man-cave? How is this possible? My chauvinistic alterego laughs at you - Ha ha haaa!


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