Sunday, June 14, 2009

CS First

As part of the R&R (Rewards & Recognition not Rest & Recreation) program at Lynda's place of work, the winner of the CS First Campaign will be given a special chair to use for a month. Lynda wanted to dress up the chair a bit to highlight the importance of the winner. There were plans to print out CS First on Self Adhesive paper which would then be affixed to the back of the chair!!!!! Sorry. Not in my lifetime.

This is what I came up with. I conceptualised a shield which obviously stood for a winning - and then the letters C & S entwined around a 1. I used Open Office 'Draw' to create the 1, C & S and I downloaded a simple shield pattern from the net. I used Poster Razor to blow up the Shield and the 1. The C & S were printed as they were.

This is the mock up that I made to show Lynda.

And here is the final product. I made the entire unit from material that I had lying around the house. The Shield is cut from 1/4" Birch Veneered MDF and the C, S & 1 are cut from 1/8" hardboard. I cut them using my new Craftsman Scroll Saw that I scored off Craigslist. The last time I used a Scroll Saw was when I resurrected, renewed & repaired a unit that my first employer Bosco had found. I then proceeded to cut 250 house profiles out of aluminium that he plated and used as give-aways at his wedding.

The colors were corporate colors where Lynda works and the black was chosen as it grounds everything else. I had a bit of an incident with the red and the black as they bubbled when I lay on the 4th coat. I then re sanded down to bare wood and repainted. Sometimes things just do not work to plan.

An angle shot showing the relief of the letters. I used 5 minute rapid set two component epoxy to affix the letters to each other and then finally to the shield.

The chair with the shield affixed to the rear. I used plate hangers that I glued to the rear of the shield. The bottom point is held to the chair with industrial Velcro (which is incidentally made in Brampton!!!)


  1. Thank you make me look so good in the office....but by now they all know "my husband" is behind all the good work!

  2. see I told you Lynda... you married a good guy. He is so talented...he has such good cousins... u so lucky.

  3. Great one Bob, Lucky Lynda to have such a thing made as and when needed.

  4. Bob? Bob the Builder? Bob the hairstyle? Bank of Baroda? Bob's your uncle? Who is this Bob?

  5. Bob the Builder - That's a cool name for our Bob a.k.a. Raj, Raju, D'raj and more commonly, Dhiraj


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