Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chest What We've Always Wanted

I was passing by the Goodwill store yesterday and decided to pop in for a look-see. I normally shy away from the Goodwill stores as they tend to be quite disorganised, but I was on the lookout for No. 9 in the series of Magic Tree House for Aaliyah to complete her collection. I did find it (talk about luck) but I also found out that there was a 50% sale on everything in the store across all the Goodwill stores in the GTA.

Now the Goodwill stores are really disorganised, unlike the Value Village stores (especially the one in Vaughan where the books and the clothes are color co-ordinated!!!!!) and Salvation Army's Thrift Stores which tend to smell so good thanks to the pillar mounted atomisers. Anyhooo - by the nature of the Goodwill stores being disorganised, one tends to find hidden gems if you look hard enough.

And this is what we found. For CAD 12.00!!! A Mucking Fazing!!!!

A Footlocker that was used by someone who once went to Assumption University of Windsor inWindsor, Ontario. The Assumption University is a Roman Catholic College and at one time was a private boarding school for male students only.

The Footlocker is in great condition for it's vintage. The chest had no dings, scratches or tears. The brass plated hardware is tarnished which just adds to the look and charm of the piece. The only issue is that someone broke off the latch, but this is not noticeable when the trunk is closed. This can easily be rectified with a replacement latch from Lee Valley. However the replacement unit is brand new and shiny and will not match the existing tarnished items.

So here she is

The inside will be worked on by my father (he does not know this as yet). It is currently covered in paper, but we are leaning towards having the inside covered in velvet. The outside will be untouched

So. Probable uses. As a coffee table when we redo our living room. As a side table in said living room. As a Footlocker at the base of Aaliyah's bed to house her growing collection of junk. Or finally as a coffee table in our Cabana!

Cabana???? What's that you say??? - Without revealing much....... I won't reveal anything!!!!!

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