Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Curb Appeal - Part 3

After an agonizing period of trial and error in getting the levels of the framework, we finally drove over to Rona and got the deck boards. Rona had a 10% off deal on PT lumber till the 28th and we got this done in time. We've only thrown the planks on to determine what needs to be cut and to give the planks some time to dry a bit prior to screwing them in place.

Dad and Mum have gone over to A. Joy's for the remainder of the week as the forecast calls for rain. So I will be taking a break as well.

The boards all laid in place. The funky blue is a mis-tint that I got from the restore for CAD 15 and Dad coated the entire framework including the supports so as to offer additional weatherproofing.

Lynda and I took some chairs out and sat out all evening to get a feel of what an evening out on our front 'porch' would feel like. It feels good!!!!

1 comment:

  1. It looks fabulous - and it's not even completed yet! Very good idea to have the boards facing the way they are, it adds such length to the width of the house!


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