Friday, January 4, 2008

Perfection is a Curse

So Lynda decreed that we would do one major project over the Christmas holidays. We both agreed (Lynda, for me) that the basement floor needed attention as it was downright depressing and we envisioned spending most or all of our spare time down there.

After measuring (twice) and doing a real time mock up in Excel, I went to IKEA and bought the laminate so that it could acclimatize to the conditions in the basement for two days.

Prep - The carpet came off rather easily with the underlay disintegrating into a fine yellow dust which I tried hardest not to ingest. The second carpet was the most ugliest Green with and even uglier and degraded underlay, more noxious than the first. Finally there was vinyl tile that came off in places but for the most part, refused to budge. In hindsight I could have gone over the vinyl tile with the Laminate flooring, and forgotten completely that there was vinyl beneath. But I would know and I is hard to please.

So trip to the 'Depot' was on the cards, where I picked up a floor scraper and spare blades. 4 days later, I vanquished the old vinly and started laying the Laminate.

Three quarter of the way through, I decided (all by my lonesome) that if we were going to do the basement, then it was all or nothing!!! So out came Lynda's work area. That means another trip to IKEA to pick up more floor.

Work is still in progress and photos will follow.

I'd like to say that it looks good so far, but that would be doing myself a disservice. It looks spectacular!!! This is one of those times when anal D'Souza genes are most welcome!!!!

BTW did you know that Ingvar Kamprad is the 4th richest man in the world??? Dude!!! I made you that way!!!!!


  1. "Ingvar Kamprad? He sounds Indian."

  2. He used to bring me tea at my office in Grant Road. He pronounced it different then......

  3. But just what tea was it?! And how many tea bags were used for a cup?!

  4. you guys crack me


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