Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bookcase Progress

Progress to date on the Bookshelves involved demolishing the existing false wall, cleaning the poop, removing the studs and vacuuming the dust.

Layla is not squeamish regarding dirt and poop, so she has been an invaluable help from actually demolishing the wall to riding the vacuum cleaner. Granted that the latter was not helping 'per se', but a kid needs to have fun as well. She has sort of owned this project and I find that amazing from a six year old. Unsure if this is the right tack that we are taking with this child - but who cares.

I need to make time today to go to the 'Depot' and get new hardboard backs cut for the bookshelves. The 80 unit came with a cardboard rear and the backs of the 60 units seem to have been lost in transit.

By tomorrow I should have the first four units in place.


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