Sunday, January 20, 2008

DIY Decora Speakers

In my quest to keep the girls' computer workstation as streamlined as possible, I tried to source out miniature in wall speakers to install on either sides of their monitors. These do exist if only from one retailer and at 50 bucks a piece (times 4) is a little bit too dear for my liking.

So I got myself 2 pairs of Logitech S-220 speakers at clearance from Canadian Computers, 4 'Carlon' Old Work Boxes & 4 Generic Decora wall plates from the Home Depot. Total price - less that 50 CAD.

I sealed the cable ingress with silicone sealant and have left it to dry out and air out for a couple of days. After that I will make 4 face plates for the 2" speakers from the Logitech Satellites and then fabricate some sort of grille to cover the decora face plates.

The Logitech unit comes with a wired controller that has in addition to the volume control, a power switch as well as a headphone jack. This will be installed onto a blank faceplate in line with the rotary dimmers (sort of echoing the rotary theme)

Watch this space for updates on the build.


  1. Wat men? Yesterday you made up the word "bay" and today "ingress". One more of these Dhirajisms and one Ixtapa with my chappal you'll get!

  2. Well - This is because you are looking from inside the box and the cable enters into the box - So, In-gress. But what about when the cable comes out of the box. Could I coin the work 'outgress' and then get royalty for usage????

  3. The subs are small enough to go under the table near the wall through which the bass level can be attenuated.


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