Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lynda's Work Area

While moving towards Lynda's work area with the flooring, I decided to pull out the false window + crayon scenery that had been put in by the PO*. I managed to get Lynda another 16" of space. Come summer I will recover yet another 17" of dead space after I get a technician to reroute the AC condenser lines and I reroute the dryer vent.

For Lynda's new desk we will repurpose a stock 8' Kitchen countertop in matt white from the 'Depot' supported by the walls at either end and by a single leg in the centre. The top section will be shelves that I have lying around the place. I plan to install fluorescent lighting at the rear of the bottom shelves to wash the work area with light. I would love to go with LED's for the entire project, but I fear that the light will be insufficient.

The work hit a sort of a stop this weekend as I had to get down to IKEA to get myself an additional 3 boxes of Laminate flooring. Full speed ahead on Monday.

Below is a before picture followed by a current picture of the area in question.

I am going to town on this space to give Lynda every possible convenience that a Crafter could possible dream of!!!!! Dad's Typeface drawers never did have a better raison d'etre as much as they do now......


  1. You spoil me.....first in Dubai by building me my own loft to paint in and now this craft area......keep spoiling me...please!

  2. Just one question, where are you going to make/put the new bar? :-)

  3. I prefer the Hooters and T&A's on Queen Street!!!! BTW when we going to do the Pole/Lap dance induction for Dad???

  4. His 68th birthday is March 20th... we could ask him if he'd like to go out for a hoot, or dancing! Lord knows Mum'd be game. (sigh, shaking head)

  5. Your mom would probably go too, just to watch your dad's reactions to everything! Hahaha. Oh I love it. I know it'll never happen, but if it ever did, I want it all on video, please!

    Btw, Dhiraj, you've really done a remarkable job on the basement. To think that just a mere 4-5 months ago it looked completely different. I'm sure you don't miss that carpet or the old bar. Great work!

    Lynda, you've got yourself a keeper...but that you already knew, of course ;).

  6. you are so right Eva....and he is all mine!


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