Monday, January 21, 2008


So I did the Lee Valley (Cheap Screws), Tirecraft (Avi's shredded tire courtesy Theresa) and IKEA run this morning. It was bitter cold, -25 with the wind chill but clear as a summers day.

Lynda needed one more sheepskin throw for the bay window. The cashier asks me what it was. 'Sheepskin, I said'. 'Is that the name', she asks me. 'No' I say 'it is the skin of a sheep'. A minutes silence followed by 'I thought wool was curly'. 'It's probably treated' I reply. 'What do you use it for'? she asks. 'Well' I reply 'it is a throw, but we are using it as a seat pad in our bay window'. 'Wow' she replies 'that is such a cool idea'!!!

To her benefit, I was probably her first customer and her brain had not yet thawed from the cold.

Shouldn't IKEA be giving their staff an orientation on their product lines?????

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