Friday, January 4, 2008

A Comment worthy of a Post

This was Dinesh's comment in response to my Post "To Dinesh - My Brother". I thought that it was very post worthy!!!! I have taken the liberty to explain what may initially seem pure "Dineshness", but actually does make sense. This time!!

A laugh (mostly laughs)
A few tears (from laughing too hard - about all those aqueducts on the way to Mt. Abu)
A box on your ears (I remember this clearly - me trying to read the one remaining unread book over your shoulder)

A chipped tooth (1982 - Gorbandar - 221 Bus Stop - You convincing me to allow you a test of your strength - Me stupid - Rest, history)
A big ball
Or two? Can't recall (Just the one actually - of what I remember you unceremoniously lifting my gown to a coterie of confounded Cathay cabin crew)

But Of this I am sure
And I'll make this quite clear
I love you - little brother dear

And I you!! My dear Brother. And no harm done really, just galvanized me into bigger better. You will see when you come here. As it was said, "If you build it.... They will come....."

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