Monday, January 14, 2008

New Windows

Our new windows went in this morning. Ivan and his assistant (whose name sounds like a grunt) did a fantastic job of getting the three windows including the Bay installed and trimmed by 2.30. Here's my attempt at time lapse photography.


  1. And what an excellent effort indeed!! Wish it was longer than just 7 seconds though...Looks great! The photography and the window!

  2. Did you do this manually or does your camera have an automatic time lapse function? I'm assuming you have a remote release if you did it manually?

  3. Lynda's S80 has an intervalometer that allows you to go down to a minimum of 1 minute per photograph. I am in the process of researching DIY options to make an intervalometer for my camera using an Omron Multifunction Timer wired through the remote shutter release. That way I can set it for 1 second intervals for a smoother time lapse video. The video is made with Quick Time. Frame rate is user adjustable at the onset to modify number of frames per second or even number of seconds per frames. Your camera does not have this facility. Methinks that you would have to explore other options. Let me work on this for you......


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