Monday, January 21, 2008


In an older house that has been lived in by various families (Second-hand; some might say) one tends to find all sorts or surprises when renovating. What one does not expect to find is Poop. Yes you heard me right. Poop!!!!!

So I'm in the process of removing the false walls that were built by one of the POs. We still do not understand the need of a false wall that robs the basement of a foot of floor space.

Anyhoo.. I digress. So I tear out the wall and there is a load of petrified poop behind the entire wall. Unsure how that got there or what decade it is from. It too big to be from a rat so....

Did not show it to Lynda as she would be squeamish about it. Craftsman 5.0 HP shop-vac - How I love thee!!!!!!


  1. D I read your I see this but could it possibly be their dog...that little mutt could have gone behind there and pooped...please tell me it was their dog...OMG...I am never staying home alone again.....

  2. Ok Dinesh that didnt even cross my mind but now that you mention it...I suppose it's a possibility....I would rather it was that than a strange animal as I do hear squeaking noises at night...OMG...this is freaking me out..!! that's my precious studio space - D can you please call the rodent busters in.!!


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