Sunday, November 8, 2009

Suburban Archeology & Other Short Stories

I spent the best part of Saturday morning cleaning out the van. It had remnants of Spring, Summer & Fall blended into sticky messes in the cup holders and that was grating on my nerves. I managed to get the car really clean and found a whole load of hidden gems in the cracks and crevices. Among other things, a reading lamp, a jenga block, a paint stirrer from the Home Depot, a fuse block for a car audio system that did not really materialize, a glass jar, magnetix components, Barbie accessories, a hair band, a button, a wrist watch, an American dime, a Canadian Dime, a pencil sharpener, a plethora of pencils and two erasers, one of which kept staring at me.....

After that we drove to London ON., for A. Rosie's birthday and I finally got to visit Forest City Surplus on Dundas St. What a crazy amazing store.... I did not get what I had initially wanted, but walked away with a Tarp to close up the shed for winter and a cat's paw nail puller, both at a decent price. Lynda got some stuff for herself as well and I got some activity books for the girls as well as rubber stamps for their cardmaking. So much more that I should've picked up.

This morning the girls and I raked our entire backyard as well as hopping over the fence and doing Mrs. McDougall's yard as well. Dead headed all of the flowering plants, pruned the rose bushes and cleaned the beds. Tomorrow I will do the final mowing of the season prior to aerating, fertilizing and over seeding the lawn. Looks good so far!!!


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