Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shed Build Diary - 16 - It's Electrifying

In my build diary part 15, I mentioned that the shed was 100% complete. I was wrong. Well - sort of. The construction phase was done - I just did not have any electricity for the lights and power tools.

I wanted to avoid hard wiring the shed into the house circuit as this would necessitate a permit from City Hall and I really did not want to go down this route. To circumvent this, I decided to treat the entire shed as an appliance that could be plugged in as and when needed.

Confusing so far??? Simple really.

A trim to the restore garnered me a Panel Mount Inlet Kit for a Dollar (these normally cost upwards of 50.00)

Panel Mount Inlet 0.50$

Cable Mount Socket 0.50$

Using that as my starting point, I wired it up to a 3 way J Box with two switches and one double socket. The light switches control the inside and outside lights.

Both switches and sockets are salvaged

From there I went to a 2 way J Box housing a switch and a double socket. The switch controls the double tube fitting above the work table. The socket is for my Radio.

Also salvaged. Who has brown switches????

Picked this up at a Garage Sale for 2.00$. Fully functional.

In addition to the switches and sockets that were salvaged from various replacements that I had done throughout the house, I also used wiring that I had pulled out from all over the place. The 3' fluorescent fitting at the entrance was from the ReStore @ 5.00$. I got the 4' double tube fitting while taking a walk with the kids and Lynda at Professor's Lake. The fitting was left on the kerb and was BNIB (brand new in the box) complete with fluorescent tubes.

I manged to get everything done and get the shed back to some semblance of order.

So - the shed is still not 100% done as I have yet to build the pegboards to hold my hand tools.

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