Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vac Job

A short while ago I posted on cleaning the inside of our van. I had spent most of my morning doing it and saved my self some cash that I would have had to pay for professional cleaning. I used my Shop Vac which made fast work of the cleaning, but manipulating the large 2 1/2" hose through the car was a pain.

For future cleaning, I picked up a Craftsman Car Cleaning Kit which consists of a 1 1/4" hose, 11 ft. in length, car nozzle, crevice tool, dusting brush and hose to hose connector. This should make cleaning the car an easier task.

Contents of the 'Kit'

However this is not really what this post is about. No Sireeeee.

When I got the unit home, I realized that if I did not store the items together in one place, some of the smaller nozzles would get misplaced. I could've used the original packaging, but honestly, where's the fun in that....... So it was off to the Depot to look for a suitable box to hold everything. Why the hell are Tool Boxes so expensive????

Not one to be easily defeated, I decided to think 'out of the box'. I concluded that a briefcase would work just as well as a Toolbox and I set about sourcing one. I scored one for 5.00$ and it holds everything very well and in place.

I wonder if anyone transported contraband across borders in this.

Sits well - for now.....

But it's all sitting there in a jumble. I've got to do something about that.............

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  1. Oh. It works all right!!! You can come by to test it and have the pleasure of doing my car as well....


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