Friday, November 13, 2009

A Walkthrough My Shed

I finally got the shed in some sort of order and ready for the season ahead. A small electric heater should ensure that my finger tips don't freeze and drop off while working and a radio provides distraction with the local news or some rapper comparing women to the neighborhood ho's.

It's quite a tight squeeze but once I get my tools on those pegboards, it should free up some space taken by the two Stanley toolboxes. Till then....

It's my Tree House that I did not have as a child. It's my Fortress of Solitude. It's a place to ponder nothing while doing something or to ponder something while doing nothing.

And.... I conceptualized, designed & built it myself (with so much help from my Dad of course!!!!)

This rack in the North West corner was built by me in 1995. We had no cash spare to buy even an Ikea bookshelf for our ever growing collection of books. Lynda had just made Supervisor and I had moved up from sweeping floors at the shipyard. The Studs are M20 and the ply 19mm. It is still as rock solid now as it was in '95. We've come some way since the 'Green House' in which I had made almost all of the furniture save for the beds that we slept on.

Hand Drill (BN), Jig Saw (RF), Oscillating Tool (BN), High Speed Rotary Tool (BN)

The Ryobi OnePlus shelf (BN) + (RF)

Router (CL) and Assorted Tools

More Boxes, but only one holds a Palm Sander (BN)

Bench Grinder (GS), Circular Saw (GS) and Plumbing tools (GS)

Under my worktable, a Compound Sliding Mitre Saw (BN) and a Band Saw (CL)

On the Workbench, the Drill Press (CL)

Scroll Saw (CL) & Disc Sander (GS)

Parts Washer (GS) & Router Table (TS)

BN - Brand New
RF - Refurbished
GS - Garage Sale
TS - Thrift Store
CL - Craigslist

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