Friday, October 23, 2009

Arty Fowl GN2 - Lucky Luke 17 - Rainbow Orchid Vol I

It's an absolute bitch being enamored with European comics in Canada. It takes a long time if ever for titles to make it across the Atlantic. So I was quite thrilled to score these titles at our local Indigo this week.

Artemis Fowl - The Arctic Incident - Graphic Novel. Arty teams up with Butler, Captain Holly Short and Commander Root in saving Haven and rescuing Fowl Sr. Nice graphics. I've read the novels, so it puts pictures to the story in my head.

The Adventures of Julius Chancer - Rainbow Orchid Volume 1. Back in 2008, Garen Ewing did a fund raiser run of 50 copies. I happened to be lucky enough to have one signed by the author for my collection. Garen now has his books published by Egmont, and I had to get a copy for my reading pleasure.

Lucky Luke - No. 16 - Apache Canyon. I'm unsure what method Cinebook is using in determining the sequence of these releases, but they in no way follow the chronological order of the French publications. I do note however that they've only been releasing volumes in which Morris collaborated with Goscinny and that's a good thing as his humour and timing is amazing.
Meanwhile I have a stack of 24 Lucky Luke books in Mumbai just waiting for someone kind enough to carry them across to Canada for me........

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