Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anthropologie Plagarie

Aaliyah recently ripped her favorite jeans at the knee. An unfortunate consequence of youth, playgrounds and a generous dose of crazy. What with the onset of Fall and lower than average temperatures around the 'Golden Horseshoe', I would be billed as a bad parent for sending her to school with ripped jeans.

Borrowing from an idea that I saw at Anthropologie, I set about to repair her jeans while upping the cool factor at the same time.

Using a patch cut out from a Byvik cushion cover meant for an Ektorp sofa that we got at the IKEA AS-IS section and some strips of Heat-n-Bond I mended the knee section of the jeans that should see her through the season, while looking cool at the same time.

She LOVED it!!!!!


IKEA Byvik cushion for EKTORP

Cutting the patch to size

Aaliyah, rocking the look

1 comment:

  1. Is he not just the coolest father you know!! makes me love him even more!


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