Friday, October 9, 2009


Tiramisu - Literally meaning "Pick me Up" probably in direct reference to the Sugar and Espresso content. Sort of like a sugar high!!!!

Lynda and I first discovered this amazing 'comfort food' somewhere in the 90's when DHL moved their office to the Al Maskan building in Karama. Located in the East corner of the building, the cafe, whose name escapes me, was our favorite go-to place for a cup of Earl Grey and a slice of Tiramisu.

Through the years that we lived in Dubai, we would visit the small cafe with increased frequency and knew the exact days when the Tiramisu would be prepared. By the time we moved to Bahrain, I had sort of mastered the dish. In my mind at least!!!

This Thanksgiving weekend, we're driving across to London, Ontario to have lunch with Lynda's Uncle, Stanley and his 5 sons.

I've made Tiramisu to take along and hope that they like it.

I've realised through the years, that it's not to everyone's taste. And that's not a problem as well. I'll just bring it home.....

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