Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Very Large Solitaire Board Project

Just made this Large Solitaire Board. It was in testing phase today with my 2 Crash Test Dummies

Why? - I wanted to redefine the term 'Playing with yourself'
Really, Why?? - Quite simply because I could!!!

The board is made of .75" MDF with 1.75" holes cutout for the balls. Holes were chamfered with a router. Finally a gutter has been routed on the periphery for balls out of play.

I had this idea for some time now, but could not source balls of a suitable size to make this with. Natural stone balls were out of my budget and would have never been able to stand up to the rigours of the Test Personnell that I have resident in my house.

Anyways, it finally struck me that Pool balls were the best bet as they were made to withstand abuse at the hands of half drunk individuals in pubs. Having said that, I realise that my brother and brother-in-law fit right into that genre!!!

Here a top view agonisingly laid out by Aaliyah & myself!!!

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