Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Blogfather's Blogspot!!

This is my space. A space that I single-handedly conceived conceptualised, constructed, configured & customised.

You're thinking 'What a conceited Bastard' - Guilty as charged!!! No doubt about it!!

Anyways, I earmarked this space on the 12th of November when I saw this house for all of 5 minutes and decided that this was where we wanted to stay for the next 2.5 years that we anticipated staying on the island.

I went about purchasing the 4 metal whiteboards from Ikea prior to our move (alas there is no Ikea on the island) The top shelves are recycled from the old house and one of them had to be trimmed to fit. The lower shelf was the first project that I entrusted to Vinod (My personal God of Wood) and when he understood what I wanted, I felt the heavens open up and a chorus of angels start to sing.

I digress!!!

The entire assembly floats away from the main wall by using a lattice of pine slats kindly donated to me by my ex-boss and great comrade Hassan. It used to be his kids bunk beds. Sometimes the voices of Samir & Rami call out to me as I blog late into the wee hours of the morning.

But I digress again!! Flu can do that to the best of people.

The floating assembly enables me to route power cables, RJ-45's, RJ-11's, Audio & Speaker Cables from the PC's to the various units on the upper shelf.

For Power, I have 4 extension strips under the main shelf with 6 multiconfiguration sockets (any plug in the world) giving me a sum total of 24 outlets. Why did I ever think that that would be enough? I ran out of sockets in the first year itself!!!

So all in, it's a great place to sit (or stand) and blog, check mail, browse the net and download music illegally.

4 stations for a family of 4. No one will ever have to fight for a PC in my house!!!!!

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