Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Stuff that I've Yet To Do Part I

This is a 'Lavabo' - Also circa 1905 - Lavabo - Latin for 'to wash'

This was used by priests to wash their hands before celebrating the mass in the times prior to running water.

This is a very unique piece of furniture and will be quite a challenge to get up to spec. I managed to take apart the complete unit and it is partially assembled. There is some brass hardware that I will need to get cast. I have to look for a period sink to match the year as well as make up new resevoirs and splashbacks from GI sheet (maybe aluminium???)

There are even hidden towel racks recessed into the top unit with full extension sliding dovetails. Very clever for it's time.

I hope to complete this prior to the 'Big Move' and will update as and when I have something new.

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